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About Coco

Hey, I'm Coco, or Chloe actually but I've also been called Clofers, Cocopops, Cloris...
I'm not picky :)


Since you're here you probably already know I am an 'ethical lifestyle' content creator and podcast host, so I figured I would tell you something new...


Cornwall, born and raised

You probably knew I was English (or as the Aussies say, a Pom) And I grew up right in the toe of England in the  beautiful county of Cornwall. Until I left for University, small town living was all I knew. I experienced a few different parts of the world on family holidays, and visited London from time to time on school trips or to visit my Grandparents. But on the whole, I was raised on pasties and fish and chips (The Cornish bread and butter). I was never the cleverest and I was sheltered in many ways, but I was taught to be understanding and kind. Lessons I will forever hold dearly.

Tell me more, tell me more

My whole family are artists in one form or another, so I suppose I rebelled and studied Journalism. After University (which, to summarize, was a hilarious and often alcohol fuled blur) I abandoned my teachings and became a Graphic Designer (can't take the artist out of the girl, apparently). Six months later I got on a plane to New Zealand that would change the course of my life forever.

It gets very girl meets boy from here.


Moving to Melbourne

While in New Zealand I stumbled into the life of a person, and he stumbled into mine. We spent an evening together deep in talk, watching as a thunderstorm raged and I decided to stay with him in Melbourne when I would fly there later that month.

Six years have passed and you'd think I would have outstayed my welcome by now. But many, many bad jokes later here we still are.

Be Kind Coco

You can blame the rest on him, really. The lessons in kindness from my childhood, teachings of journalism and design, and finally, a boy asking me what I stood for... It all ended up here.

I don't know if I can ever truly be ethical, sustainable, or eco-friendly. But I know I can be kind, I can share tips that spread that kindness far and wide and watch as the world gets a little brighter.

Kindness led me here,

and my hope is that it led you here, too.


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