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The Conscious

  • Sustainable and attainable steps for busy people

  • Workshops to learn new skills

  • Interviews with inspiring 'changemakers'

  • Recipes and recommendations that you can trust

  • A fun community that helps you thrive!


Take it from me,
living sustainably isn't easy

My journey began when...

I found out how many make-up brands still test on animals. Sure, some brands proudly display a Cruelty-Free logo, but when a brand does test they don't exactly shout about it.


It's tough sometimes to decipher what the ethical options are.

When I began learning, I decided to share everything I discovered in hopes it would make someone else's journey a little easier.

Then something amazing happened...

I made connections and I started learning from the everyday people around me, both in my local area and online. I noticed how these friendships kept me feeling grounded and motivated. I am someone who thrives with a bit of accountability, and for a while, I have wanted to find a space where we can come together with passion and understanding, to make the world a better place...


...and I got tired of waiting, so, here it is.


A community that makes sustainability simple

  • "I'm not really sure how to live sustainably"

  • "I have started making changes but I feel like I'm struggling"

  • "I wish it was easier to know what is actually ethical"

  • "If only I could learn from the experts"

  • "There's so much I know now that I wish I knew earlier. I want others to know too!"

If you resonate with any of the above, this community is for you.

With tools, experts, and friends, the road to ethical living becomes a lot less daunting.

What is the community?

Inside the Conscious Community, you'll find everything you need to start living sustainably...


Workshops & Interviews

  • Learn various new sustainable skills

  • Get tips and tricks from experts and friends alike

  • Live & recorded, so you can watch any time

Workshops are community driven and decided...

They will be chosen by the community and will include DIY, cooking and sewing skills, yoga and mindfulness, how to run saving waste and much more.


Recipes & Recommendations

  • Find your new favourite veggie and vegan recipes

  • Discover eco-friendly products that WORK!

  • Share your favourite recipes and products

  • Learn which products to avoid, saving you money & time!


Conscious Challenges

  • Mini and Mighty Challenges to accomplish

  • Work towards a common goal with your community

  • Learn useful productivity and motivational tricks


These are totally optional but designed to be educational and fun. With different levels of difficulty, you can choose how involved you are and can get stuck in at any stage of your journey.



Kindred Connections

Connect with like-minded people and share your highs and lows, thoughts and questions in a supportive community. Individually we are a drop in the ocean, together we can make waves.


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