Hey amigos! Welcome to Green Girls, the podcast that follows our journey
(and struggles) to becoming green.

Episode 0 | Start Where You Are


In this episode, we have a little introduction to your hosts, Chloe and Mikaela. We learn how far they have already come in their 'green' journeys and why they decided to start. We cover veganism, fashion and beauty and go off on a fair few tangents (and don't expect these to be the last).

Episode 2 | Plastic Free July

Image by Drew Dizzy Graham

Join Chloe and Mikaela for a chat about the good bad and the ugly when trying to live a low plastic life. We wanted to get super practical today, sharing the swaps we found easiest and hardest including plastic-free shampoo, takeaway cups and chewing gum (yup, chewing gum contains plastic!).

Episode 4 | Am I The Asshole
* Vegan Edition*

Green Girls Podcast Chloe and Mikaela Laughing.jpg

We decided to split up some of our heavier episodes with some light-hearted judging people on the internet. Yep, we are visiting Reddit and looking at some vegan-themed 'Am I The Asshole' posts. Judge along with us in the comments.

Episode 6 | Arbonne Part 2: The Dirty Truth behind the Clean Beauty Brand


Sit with us for part two of our deep dive into clean skincare brand and MLM, Arbonne. We talk about the payment schemes, coveted Arbonne car, and even look into what makes a cult. Let us know what you think in the comments...

Episode 8 | Easy ways to Reduce Food Waste

Food Waste Compost

This episode will seriously shock you! Food waste is a huge issue, but the girls are excited this week because this is actually an issue we can all help to tackle. Join Green Girls this week for some truly eye-opening stats and easy tips that can make a huge difference in reducing our household food waste.

Episode 1 | Holidays

Sand Snowman

In this episode, we discuss what it's like to be vegan during the holidays. Catching up with family and friends is awesome, but sometimes diets can make things difficult during holidays, so this week we are sharing our personal experiences PLUS sharing some of yours.

Episode 3 | Shein

Clothes Donation

Join Chloe and Mikaela for a chat about the good bad and the ugly when trying to live a low plastic life. Get in the car losers, we're going shopping. In this week's episode, Mikaela and Chloe chat all about mega fast fashion giant Shein.

Episode 5 | Arbonne Part 1: Can Multi-Level Marketing be Ethical or is it a Pyramid Scheme?


Cults, pyramid schemes and MLMs oh my! We hope you are sitting comfortably because this episode of Green Girls Podcast is a doozy!

Episode 7 | Secondhand September

Image by Becca McHaffie

Today the girls talk EVERYTHING second-hand. Why should we shop second-hand, why should we find alternative ways to dispose of unwanted items and for a bit of fun, their favourite secondhand items (and cats) from themselves and their friends.