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Super Easy & Quick Vegan Caramel Sauce

Here is all you need for 1 Jar of Vegan Caramel Sauce:

8 Tablespoons of coconut oil

8 Tablespoons of maple syrup or agave (I prefer agave)

5 Tablespoons of almond butter

1 Teaspoon of salt1Teaspoon of vanilla essence

8-12 dried dates (+2 teaspoon of water to moisten)



Fridge for storage


Simply place all the ingredients into your blender, I generally do it in the order above but it shouldn't make any difference. Make sure your dates are pitted, and if not, make sure you get the stones out or your blender will moan at you and you'll have to pick them out of your sauce.

Blend it all up, it should take about a minute depending on the strength of your blender. If you use a natural almond butter it will probably be quite thick, so choose wisely if you want a more runny sauce.

Pour or scoop your sauce into a jar and place it in the refrigerator to keep cool. OR grab a spoon and go at it. You can adjust the recipe however you like, more salt for 'salted caramel' I sometimes add more coconut oil for a delicious 'coconut caramel' play around and make it your own.

See, it's as simple as that. Let me know if you try out this recipe and if you like it. I have also used this recipe to make fillings for Vegan Chocolates so be sure to check that out too.

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