Green Girls Podcast | Episode 12 | Let's tackle mobile phone E-Waste

Hey, green beans. This week we are talking about E-waste, and since E-waste is the fastest-growing waste stream right now, there is a lot to tackle. We are starting simple with an episode all about mobile phones.

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Chloe: [00:00:00] We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which we record this podcast.

Mikaela: Always was, always will be Aboriginal land.

Chloe: Hey, green beans. This week we are talking about E-waste, and since E-waste is the fastest growing waste stream right now, there is a lot to tackle. We are starting simple with an episode all about mobile phones. And just before we kick off onto that, Hey Mikaela, what brings you joy this week?

Mikaela: Hey, girl. I actually have one that is not my cat.

Chloe: I am shocked.

Mikaela: Yes, I know. What the hell. So today I actually went and saw a friend that I haven't seen in probably four years. One of my friends from when I studied costume and I was talking about her a couple months ago and or maybe Jake was like, oh, whatever happened to...

I can just say her name, [00:01:00] whatever happened to Candace. And I was like, yeah, I know. It's just been really hard. Like she lives on the other side of the city. So I just messaged her out of the blue and was like, Hey girl. And she was like, oh yeah, let's catch up. So I went and saw her today. So that was really nice.

Chloe: And that's so lovely.

Mikaela: Very cute, we got rained on, but it was fun.

Chloe: Shout out to you Candace. How awesome.

Mikaela: Yeah. What about you? What brings you joy?

Chloe: What brings me joy, clearly still not mobile phones, but we can touch onto that in a minute.

Mikaela: No, I thought you were gonna say yes. Mobile phones brings me joy this week because I have one that works.

Chloe: I mean, technically I do, but it is my boss's phone. What brings me joy is I'm learning to be more dynamic. I'm learning how to jump, and by that I mean like I go bouldering a couple of times a week, and my style is very safe, very static, very much limbs, hands like feet, touching the wall at all times.

And I've got to a point where that's not working anymore. Like I need to actually try jumping and getting to things.

Mikaela: Oh, [00:02:00] scary.

Chloe: They call it Dynos, like that's the language that the kids use these days at the bouldering gyms. So like when you do a dynamic movement is a dyno.

So like I would say right now I'm doing like, dynies, but I'm on my way. Like I've never been as dynamic as I currently am right now. And so I'm really enjoying that I'm pushing myself there.

Mikaela: That's awesome. That's so funny you said that though, because I feel like the videos I've seen of you, I'm like, oh, it just looks so smooth and controlled. It's amazing because like I went with you that one time.

Chloe: Oh yeah.

Mikaela: And I was like, this is gonna be so much fun. I was like, oh my God, I suck. This is hard. So seeing you be so controlled and smooth is like damn. And now you're like, oh, I'm gonna jump as well. Like what?

Chloe: Yeah, I think I do look way more graceful than a lot of people do.

I don't know what it is. I've got some sort of poise to me, but I need to do some like yoga or something too, because I cannot balance to save my life. And so much of it is about just knowing your body. And like some people can literally within the first day, because they've done heaps of yoga or gymnastics [00:03:00] or like surfing, if they know how to balance, they immediately level up.

Mikaela: They're just magical.

Chloe: Somehow I should not even be walking like. It's taken me so long to get this far with bouldering, like I should not be able to walk. I cannot balance. So that's a whole other thing I'll get into, but right now I'm focusing on dynos because somehow I think that's easier than, balancing.

Mikaela: That's amazing.

Chloe: Yeah, it makes me very happy and to immediately get sad. Yes, my phone is just, I can't be bothered finding a new one, which is why I'm still using my Bosses.

Mikaela: It's hard and you don't wanna commit to something that is not gonna be right for you. I remember when I got my most recent phone, I was like I don't know, like I got the Samsung Z Flip 3.

I mean doesn't, I don't know if your into phone's, cool. But I got that cuause my previous Samsung was having lots of issues. So I was like, okay, I'm due for it. And when I was looking online to buy it, I was looking at the Samsung website. Just likes getting reviews, feedback or whatever. And Samsung actually have this thing, I feel [00:04:00] like it's called Samsung Care or something, but it's basically a membership when a new phone comes out if you're part of this membership, you get a discount on it and you can trade your old phone in and it's like frequently.

Chloe: Yeah.

Mikaela: And I was like, why? I was a bit concerned, like when I was buying this phone thinking why are they advertising that? Is my phone gonna last if I buy a new one or is it gonna be like a year down the track I'm gonna have to get another one.

Chloe: Yeah.

Mikaela: It's just crazy.

Chloe: There's actually a positive to them doing that. There's the immediate positive of keeps you in the Samsung family and incentivizes getting the newest phone, makes you feel not guilty and of course you're getting a discount so it's easier to get the new phone.

But additionally there is like a huge shortage in not just microchips, there's a huge shortage in microchips. Like you might have noticed how expensive the new phones are. It's hard to find a new phone, 2022 phone for under a thousand dollars. That's like a flagship, bee's knees phone.

And part of that is because [00:05:00] there's a shortage in microchips and so you just can't get them. So they're more expensive, but also the natural mineral, God, like me and science, I was not the top grade. Is it called minerals? Like gold, copper, the things that are inside the phone?

Mikaela: Yeah. I'm pretty sure copper is in phones.

Chloe: Yeah, they are.

Mikaela: Copper's in everything.

Chloe: It needs to be mined and there's a shortage in that. As well, and there are so many of us with gadgets in our drawers that are not recycling them or just binning them. None of it's being recycled. So with that sort of Samsung scheme, at least those parts are going back to somewhere and they can be reused.

That's actually a big positive from it.

Mikaela: That's true. I'm not sure what they would do with the phones if they are then refurbished. and sold through like a third party. Cause I don't think Samsung would sell refurbished phones or if they are recycled, I'm not sure. But do you know what the percentage of the phone, in terms of materials actually is recycled?

Is it just like the battery and stuff? Or is it, [00:06:00] can they do anything with the plastic, with the metal?

Chloe: So the individual parts of a phone can pretty much all be recycled. They usually can't go back into another mobile phone. It's just that they'll be separated and these factories are actually really cool looking.

They'll have everything out, like they're little screwdrivers and take everything apart, separate it into the different types, and then depending on what it is, it might be melted into something else. It might be put into something else. Usually it doesn't go back into another mobile phone. If it's the second time something's been used, then it might be that needs to go to landfill.

But so many of these parts on their own can be used again, which is really cool.

Mikaela: That's good.

Chloe: But if it's a fully working phone,

Mikaela: never really thought about it.

Chloe: Yeah. And fully working phones, if they're taking these places, probably would get given to someone else who needs it. But depends, I suppose I can't answer it as blanket cause I'm sure everyone does it differently.

Mikaela: Yeah.

Chloe: E-waste of course is not just mobile phones, but we're gonna, we're gonna stay here for now cause I feel like everyone has a [00:07:00] mobile phone. Some of us might even have two.

Mikaela: Oh, I dunno, what are you talking about?

Chloe: I dunno what do you mean. I'm gonna say before we jump the gun, can you briefly describe what E-waste is and give us a few examples.

Mikaela: E-waste is electronic waste, so it's any item with a plug, battery or power cord that's no longer working or wanted. So this can be from phones, refrigerators, and even fluorescent light tubes. So it does cover quite a lot.

Chloe: I never think of like my blender as potential E-waste.

Mikaela: No,

Chloe: but,

Mikaela: I know,

Chloe: it's got a plug. That's what is.

Mikaela: And all of this stuff is actually banned from, well in Victoria is banned from going in your household rubbish bin, in your general waste bin.

Chloe: Yeah. That was only like last year or something I think.

Mikaela: Yeah, it was pretty recent,

Chloe: which to me probably. Makes me feel like not a lot of people will technically know about that

Mikaela: No. I know of people in my personal life, I will not say names, but they will know who they are, who don't even rubbish properly. Like they put general waste in their recycling bin and,[00:08:00]

Chloe: oh no. Oh no.

Mikaela: We've had many discussions and I have made him feel very guilty.

Chloe: Oh,

Mikaela: and it's not Jake, Jake is very good. But yes,

Chloe: we talk shit about Jake again.

Mikaela: I know. I'm sorry. I just thought I'd clarify cause I was like, he. No,

Chloe: That's worth doing oh, well done Jake. Zero well dones to this other person.

Mikaela: Oh, I know. Disgraceful.

Chloe: Good morning to everyone, except those people that are putting trash in the recycling bin.

Mikaela: Side tangent. I actually just found out the other day that they are introducing more bins.

Chloe: Yeah.

Mikaela: So I know my dad has got the little food waste caddy in the house. Which he put in special bags, but there's no actual bin yet, but, I've just found out a couple days ago that even in my local council, they're going to bring out four bins.

Chloe: Yeah, I got a little leaflet about that. I dunno when,

Mikaela: oh, you got a leaflet. [00:09:00] I just happened to, I think I was talking to someone at work and then I was like googling it and I was like, oh. So that's exciting.

Chloe: Yeah. So at least in Victoria, it's going to be rolled out, I think all by 2030.

Mikaela: It might be in my council, I wanna say 24.

Chloe: Oh, that's still two years ago. Oh, one year. We're at the end of 22 now.

Mikaela: I mean, the bin, like it's interesting. So they've got general waste, they've got recycling, but then they also have glass recycling and I think they're called it fogo. Fogo or something like that. It was like food organics and garden organics.

Chloe: Okay. So the food goes in with the garden stuff and there's just a whole bin for glass. Okay.

Mikaela: Yeah. We wouldn't really need the fogo bin cuz we've got a worm farm. But I also found out, again, I'm so sorry, tangent, when I was looking at the council website about all the different bins. My council actually offers up to $40 rebate to go towards the purchase of a compost bin. Like a, so not like a caddy that [00:10:00] goes inside, but like you could get a Bukashi bin. You get a worm farm, you can get like any of those so you can get actually a rebate from your government. At least in my area. And I was like, oh, that's so cool.

Chloe: Yeah, I think our council does something similar.

I think it's not a rebate, but if you go through their link to a website it will give you like a reduced price on certain bins. Yeah, which is really cool. So I reckon if these phones aren't going in the bin, then a lot of them are probably hoarded at home.

Yeah, I'm looking at you. Do you have, a guilty drawer of electronics in your home?

Mikaela: I have a guilty shoebox, and it's currently at my dad's house. I put everything in there because the plan was, to recycle it all. But I hadn't done the research or knew where to do it. I knew, I know I've heard of like mobile muster or like one of those, but I wasn't sure. And then when I was going through the box, I got distracted cause it was like the old slide phone with the qwerty keyboard or like a flip phone.

So there's probably, I think there's probably about [00:11:00] four, five phones, two cameras. I'm pretty sure my PSP was in there.

Chloe: Oh my gosh. That's a sizeable shoebox you've got there.

Mikaela: Oh yeah. It was like a boot box.

Chloe: Oh my gosh.

Mikaela: I'm pretty sure I had my Eye Toy in there. But then the cable,

Chloe: Whats an Eye Toy?

Mikaela: Eye Toy. What do you mean? When PlayStation came out, it came out with Eye Toy. It was basically a webcam and you put it on your TV and you play like interactive games. So there was like dance games.

Chloe: Oh my gosh.

Mikaela: And you would see yourself on the screen with like stuff around you that you could interact with.

Chloe: Wow.

Mikaela: It was so cool. If it worked, if it wasn't broken, I probably would like have plugged it in.

Chloe: Oh, brilliant. See I had a PlayStation two. I actually have a PlayStation four now, which may as, I should. Sell or something because I don't use it. I really thought I would enjoy the Batman game. I just don't.

But I had a PlayStation two, a secondhand PlayStation two when I was a kid, and I must have got it years after [00:12:00] they came out. I think I ended up having two of them because they both ended up with the same thing of the sound just didn't work. And so Eye Toys would've been wasted on me if it was like a dancing game.

I had Grand Theft auto, but with none of the sass.

Mikaela: Oh no. That's so sad.

Chloe: I know. How, what are you even playing in that game for if not to be mildly offended?

Mikaela: So funny. I went to a friend's barbecue the other weekend and she was like, oh, we wanna play this game. We wanna play this game. And we were playing like, no not fake, but like a version of Tetris on the switch.

And then she's I wanna play this dance game. And we were all like, oh, like I don't wanna play it. And she gets it up and she knows every song, all the moves, like absolutely killing it.

Chloe: Nice.

Mikaela: And she's got all of us involved and you just download the app on your phone, I think its Just dance. And she's just like freaking hitting all the notes and every one of us had a go and we were all like puffing and you know, but it was so fun.

Chloe: It is so fun, yeah. One of my friends has that too. I think I gained the system because I'm not a great [00:13:00] dancer, but I make sure that hand is at least doing the right thing and pro over here.

Mikaela: Pro dancer. Exactly. But yeah, it's funny you said you had two play stations 2's, cause I still have, I've got my PS one and my PS two and I'm pretty sure we have a PS four upstairs and Jake just sold his switch.

Chloe: He just sold his switch. Oh my gosh.

Mikaela: I know.

Chloe: I love my switch so much. All the consoles I have because except for the PlayStation four, sorry, PS four, like I have a game cube in England, which I adore, and I have a wii. So that I can play those game cube games.

Mikaela: Wii was so much fun.

Chloe: I literally have one wii game that I like and the rest of everything I play on there is game cube games cause for some reason the disc thing still works. So I'm like yep. Great. I can keep on playing them. That's it.

Mikaela: Yeah. So good. So good.

Chloe: I love it so much. So all consoles I think I can keep using, but yeah, we did have a little stack of phones here until we found out where to recycle them. So at least I have some faith that your [00:14:00] boot box will go to somewhere good, eventually.

Mikaela: After this episode, next time at my dad's house, I will collect that boot box and I'm sure my dad has, I'm pretty sure he has like a hot pink razor, Motorola razor somewhere in the house as well. Yeah, which I'm sure has got more phones. I'll be like, give me all your old phones and I'll take it all down.

Chloe: I demand photographic evidence of this and it needs to be post on green girls.

Mikaela: Sure. I will take a photo and I will be very embarrassed about it, but that's fine.

Chloe: We're gonna hold you accountable, everyone. Yep. @GreenGirlsPodcast, Instagram. Hold the girl accountable. If you don't see this in a couple of weeks, go. Hey, Mikaela.

Mikaela: I will,

Chloe: where's your E-waste?

Mikaela: I promise. I promise.

Chloe: That's right. If nothing else, this is just peer pressure for us to do better.

Mikaela: I actually, cause I found that I toy cable and it was so busted up.

I put it aside and then Jake was clearing out his. Like office wardrobe, which is basically just like our junk cupboard. And he was putting all the stuff aside that he didn't want and he had this bag of like [00:15:00] cables and shit, like mouse and keyboard and, oh, I think he kept the keyboard. Stuff like that.

Miscellaneous chargers that you're like, I have no idea what this thing plugs into. Yeah. So I was like, oh, put it all in this bag. We filled up like a bag and I put it in my car and it was in my car for probably two months. And then I finally drove past Officeworks and I go in and they have a big cardboard thing out front that's like you can,

I think you might actually be able to recycle phones there. So I'm shooting myself in the foot by saying I don't know where to put my phones.

Chloe: Look you're giving away the end of the episode here, but,

Mikaela: oh, I'm sorry. But I was just about to say how good I was because I went in there and recycled my cables.

Chloe: Yay. Good on you. Well done.

Mikaela: Yeah, sorry. Sorry.

Chloe: Everyone can forget that has happened.

Mikaela: Yeah, we'll revisit it later.

Chloe: Nice. Cool. We're gonna get into some stats. We know that we love our stats around here. They say stats. They are stats, but they're within quotes. I'm gonna start off and then you're gonna follow me.

I'm giving you giving you things to say. So I know I vaguely touched on this, but we have cosmos and they will talk about how mobile phones can be bad news for [00:16:00] the environment. And they say with their valuable components of gold, copper, silver, oh my gosh. Is that palladium? I can't.

Mikaela: Palladium.

Chloe: Palladium.

Mikaela: Ooh, that's a fun word.

Chloe: Goody. First time I'm saying that out loud, and other materials, mobile phones ranked forth amongst small electrical and electronic equipment, hoarded or unrecoverably discarded that's put in drawers, cupboards, or garages rather than repaired, recycled, or sent to landfill for incineration.

This next one, Mikaela you can go for is from

Mikaela: Yes. So E-waste or electronic waste involves the discarding of anything with plugs, cords, or electronic components. So since these products usually contain hazardous materials, they can release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere when they aren't disposed of correctly. This obviously isn't great for the environment, especially considering the escalating scale of our current global waste crisis.

Chloe: I would not be surprised if that isn't why Victoria banned e-waste.

Mikaela: Yeah. [00:17:00] Like you think about it, like with some of the research that I was doing into it, you're like, oh, my one phone, whatever, it doesn't matter. But when they're all like, think about how many people think that way, and then they're all in the one area and they're leaching out all this nasty stuff into the soil, into the like, which gets into the water. Which gets into the Eh

Chloe: Yeah.

Mikaela: It's scary.

Chloe: Yeah. It's rotten and in it 2021, the waste electronic and electrical equipment. Wow. Which is WEE, Forum reported an estimated 57.4 million tons. Have I got that right?

Mikaela: 57.4 million tons. Yeah. Wow.

Chloe: Yep. Cool. Of -waste globally, and that's heavier than the weight of the Great Wall of China. Clearly the world is suffering from an ever growing e-waste problem.

Mikaela: E-waste recycling is the reuse of electronic waste, meaning a second or even third life for electronic parts. Most parts of electronics can be recycled from plastic or metal casing to batteries [00:18:00] and circuit boards. In reality, under 20% of electrical items end up being properly recycled.

Chloe: Yes, a recent survey. Wow.

Mikaela: Survey.

Chloe: Survey. Yes. A recent survey by the Royal Society of Chemistry revealed that out of 51% of UK households with at least one unused electronic device, 82% had no plans to recycle them. Nearly a third explained this was because they didn't know how all where to recycle unwanted electronical items.

Mikaela: Royal Society of Chemistry. That sounds like a fancy thing.

Chloe: Does sound fancy. I'm not sure they'd invite us to any gala's, but I also, but I imagine they would have gala's.

Mikaela: Yes, definitely. So 10% of e-waste actually comes from our mobile phones.

So according to Statistica, that I love. That's a fun word too.

Chloe: Nice.

Mikaela: 6.64 billion people across the world own a smart phone. That's 83.72% of the current human population, which is a [00:19:00] 34.32 increase since 2016.

Chloe: God, that's a lot of numbers.

Mikaela: I know it is I my brain. I'm impressed that I just read that smoothly.

So if only 20% of these smartphones are recycled, many of the core materials used to produce them will run out in the next century. This will rapidly exacerbate the ongoing microchips shortage, which Chloe touched on before, which has affected both car and smart phone manufacturers in recent years.

Chloe: Yes, fast mobile phone development has led to a market dependency on rapid replacement of all the devices. Mobile devices affect the environment in many ways over their lifetimes, but the impact can be reduced and spread over a longer period by applying circular economy principles, including production control, device reuse, remanufacture, and recycling, and improved circular design involving component material selection, standardization and modularization for easier disassembly. There were some big words. Go me.

That is from the global e-Waste [00:20:00] Monitor and for anyone who tuned totally out of that, here is a too long, didn't listen to version. If you care about getting the newest phone, you should recycle your old phone.

If you don't want to pay over a thousand dollars because of a chip shortage, you should donate your old phone. If you like the green and blue dot that we happen to live on, you should recycle your old phone. But knowing you should recycle doesn't exactly help you recycle it. So here is how you can recycle your phone.

And I know this is different for different countries. This is Australia and it's simply this. Hey Australia, have you heard of Office Works?

Mikaela: Oh yeah,

Chloe: and there are actually more places you can go to, but Officeworks is brilliant. They have this bring it back scheme and yes, here is everything you can recycle. Computers and laptops, monitors, keyboards, printers, mice, hard drives, mobile phones and accessories, cables, chargers, DVDs and CDs, printer [00:21:00] cartridges, batteries and pens. And you can learn more about this over on Officeworks. They have a page called Positive Difference Plans. And so you can go and see that read a bit more.

Mikaela: That's actually. I'm sorry, I stole this before.

Chloe: That's okay. No. We told them to forget. They forgot.

Mikaela: Yeah. But I only knew about it because I'd gone into office works to purchase something else. Like I think I had to get stuff for trade school or I can't remember what it was, but I remember walking in and in the front entryway they had this big wall of cardboard and each one had a different component and each one said, you know, recycle something else here. Think it was batteries and, yeah, phones and miscellaneous cables. So I was like, oh, a mental note. And then when we were cleaning out all of the cupboards, like I grabbed so many random chargers, I had no idea what they were for and then when I went in, they had a sign over it that said, we're not currently collecting. And I was like, oh no. But I went to the counter and I was like, oh, I've got this [00:22:00] stuff. And she's like, oh yeah, sure, tip it out. And I was like, oh, thank you.

Chloe: Oh great.

Mikaela: So yeah. Very good. The other one that I had, Which I mentioned before was mobile muster, so I think they were probably one of the original ones who did it.

And they're free, not for profit, mobile phone recycling program that accepts all brands and types, plus batteries, charges and accessories.

Chloe: Really nice.

Mikaela: So dropping items off is free, but obviously don't forget to remove any personal stuff you've got on there. So factory reset your phone.

Chloe: Yes.

Mikaela: Not that anyone's gonna go through it, but just peace of mind. Protect yourself. Delete.

Chloe: Very good point. Very good point. I feel like I looked at a whole page on that, thought that's good. I'll include it. And then absolutely didn't.

Mikaela: Yeah. It's alright, I got your back.

Chloe: Yes, get everything off. Get all of your personal things off, because for one, you want them and for two, no one else needs them.

Mikaela: No, exactly. You don't want anyone randomly logging into your bank account from your phone from, you know, 2010. Could you even do that in 2010? I don't even know.

Chloe: Oh, it was a different world. Look, I [00:23:00] saw a post today. I'm a huge legends of Zelda fan. So it was saying what we think of when, we think of a game that's 20 years old and it's 8 bit.

Mikaela: The hands that are like boop, squares.

Chloe: Yeah. And everything's it's just a bird's eye view of little stick man walking around. And then it says what it actually is 20 years ago. And it's a game that I love and would still play to this day and is 3D and like everything. I'm like, oh my god.

Mikaela: Bless.

Chloe: Am I old? The world's just advanced while I was asleep. I don't know.

Mikaela: Yeah, look, I saw the funniest video. I think it was like probably two days ago. This guy, it's like from the point of view of a dad and he runs into his daughter's room and he's like we just got your phone bill. What the hell?

How many messages did you send? And she's like lying in a bed, looking at him like, what do you mean? And he's like, how many texts did you send last month? She's like,

Chloe: oh my God.

Mikaela: A lot. Why? He's like did you use all my minutes as well? If you use all my minutes, I'm gonna be so mad. And she's like minutes, what are you talking about?

And I was like, oh my goodness. That's an entire thing I completely forgot [00:24:00] about. Like you accidentally called a mobile from your landline or something and you, you're dreading when the phone bill comes in case your parents are gonna be like, mm mmm, or you run out of all your minutes or you send. or you sent 50 texts and that's your limit.

Chloe: I forgot that's how it used to work. My goodness,

Mikaela: I know, me too. The kids these days, just don't know how it used to be.

Chloe: Yeah, they don't know how good they have it.

Mikaela: Not only that, how we had to type,

Chloe: oh no,

Mikaela: the ABCDEFG, what even what it was it called?

Chloe: Yeah, all of that. Like text talk stuff. Like lol, soz.

Mikaela: Yeah.

Chloe: I forgot that it was actually, because it was for one, hard text and for two, like it was, for me, 10 P per text and you could only fit like 30 characters.

Mikaela: Yeah.

Chloe: In each text I'm like, I'm gonna say this with no, no vowels. None.

Mikaela: Exactly. Sending a multimedia message.

Chloe: Oh, forget about it.

Mikaela: Can't afford,

Chloe: Forget about it. I wanna eat this month.

Mikaela: So crazy.

Chloe: But here we are. Yeah. This is where tech is now and somehow I'm gonna have to [00:25:00] decide what phone to get and without a doubt, it's gonna have to be secondhand, which I'm very happy with. But there's a whole like, phones, like phones aren't made with SD slots anymore. I didn't know that.

Mikaela: No, I know.

Chloe: That's like a requirement for me. The only phones I know of that are really good and still include them are the Sony phones, like the newest Sony phones, and I heard that they don't sell them in Australia.

So I'm screwed, yeah. Honestly, it might be that I have to just use the internal storage of the phone and then do it, but from a privacy standpoint, I know that there are like more and more things where people's everything is just being stolen and the fact that if you're with someone like Apple or Google, I'm not sure I'm talking outta my ass, but I'm pretty sure if it's on your phone or you use like Google Drive, they like technically own it.

Mikaela: What? I didn't know that.

Chloe: Stuff like that, and there have been leaks.

Mikaela: Meanwhile, I just ,I used to use Google Drive for everything, and I have Dropbox from like back when I was in [00:26:00] high school that has like really old photos and stuff. But I recently just got one drive cause that's Microsoft, which syncs with my Samsung phone.

Chloe: Oh yeah.

Mikaela: And now I'm like because I set up photo backup cause I was worried, like I didn't want, you know, in case I did something stupid to my phone. Or I lost all my photos. So I set that up as peace of mind. Now I'm like, ah.

Chloe: I mean it's less

Mikaela: if you hack into my one drive, literally it's cat photos.

Chloe: Oh, literally. Yeah. That's,

Mikaela: cat photos, that's it.

Chloe: That's the part of me that's privacy wise, I really don't have much to worry about. It is Pictures of switch games and like things I saw in the park and ducks and cats and probably a lot of selfies. Hello. And so there's not much that I think is like valuable data, but it's still weird.

Mikaela: Still a bit spooky. In this day and age, I feel you know, everything about us is on the internet. It's scary.

Chloe: Yeah, it's a bit icky.

And there's a whole theme I'd love to go into with you another time about what we pay for convenience and like what we'll do for [00:27:00] convenience and the sort of sacrifices we'll make or not even realize we're making for the sake convenience.

So, we can tangent by that for a whole episode another time,

Mikaela: for sure.

Chloe: But it's like, I have to somehow get a phone that's not available in Australia to get a decent phone that has an SD storage to align with my value here of trying not to give unnecessary information to a company that might misuse it.

Mikaela: Yeah.

Chloe: And it's so hard.

Mikaela: Secondhand how?

Chloe: And secondhand.

Mikaela: Wow.

Chloe: To find all these things to jump through these hoops because there isn't a great deal of pressure on electrical companies to do what we would say is the right thing.

Mikaela: No.

Chloe: And if they did, it might be insanely. And so there's just a whole balancing scale of things that is like too big for my brain to comprehend.

Mikaela: Yep. Too much. Too much.

Chloe: And it's that sort of overwhelm that I think can scare people away from ethical lifestyle. But as we say at the end of these episodes, it doesn't matter if you take it slow. It matters that you take a step.

Mikaela: Yeah 100%

Chloe: we get the [00:28:00] overwhelm as well.

Mikaela: Yeah. That's definitely what's made me, made it much easier for me.

Chloe: Yeah.

Mikaela: Because you can't be perfect and sometimes, you need a phone. Sometimes it's just those things or you know, you might need a specific product for something like health reasons or, I know that I have my, have medication that's not vegan necessarily, but it's something that I need.

Chloe: Yeah.

Mikaela: So unfortunately you do just have to make those sacrifices and do what you can.

Chloe: Yeah. True. Especially when your health comes into it. It's that.

Mikaela: Yeah. Yeah. That's like my favorite. My absolute favorite thing about this is that we say that.

Chloe: Right before we end, I have a teeny tiny bit of extra help for my Victorians out there, my Melburnians. Small E-waste items ,which basically is items that can fit into a household bin, which it says here is a 240 liter bin. Didn't know that. But they are accepted in the following locations and they are the library at the dock, which is in Victoria Harbor Promenade, the [00:29:00] Kensington Town Hall, which is Belaire Street in Kensington, and the Kathleen Sim Library and Community Center, which is Faraday Street in Carlton.

So if you're listening now, lovely listeners, and that's near you. Zero excuses. Heard it from me.

Mikaela: Yes. I also have one thing because I did so much random Googling on my council the other day. Apparently, yes, it's not allowed in bins, but in hard rubbish you can put a box out and label it E-waste.

And put e-waste things in there. So if you've got any cables or anything have a look at your local council website. It might differ. This is for Yarra Ranges, Yarra Valley. I don't know what it is, but that's also something that you can look into. If you can't make it to any of those particular locations, definitely check your council website and they'll have on there too if there's anything in your area that you could go to.

Chloe: Awesome.

Mikaela: There's options.

Chloe: Yeah. That's great to know. If anyone's like in a rush, like moving home or something, I just cannot get to Officeworks or somewhere. Still gonna be better to put it out with your hard rubbish in a box [00:30:00] than putting it into

Mikaela: clearly labeled E-waste. Yep.

Chloe: Awesome. I feel like we've actually been productive and given people some good things to do.

Mikaela: I think so too. Don't we do that every time though?

Chloe: Ah, maybe.

Mikaela: If not good information. Just lots of joy and some giggles at our expense.

Chloe: Definitely. Definitely.

Mikaela: Thank you, Chloe, for all of your lovely research with this episode. I'm sorry I was not as prepared as you.

Chloe: You're beautiful and you did so much research about other things.

Mikaela: Thank you. Hang out for an episode on other E-waste stuff. We've got plenty of things, but if you have any other suggestions on episodes or something you wanna find out about as well, feel free to contact us. Instagram message, email, whatever you want. But anywho, thanks everyone so much for listening.

If you enjoy today's show, we would love it if you could leave us a review on Apple Podcast or a star rating on Spotify. Chloe's distracting me. You can follow the podcast on Instagram @GreenGirls.Podcast. You can follow Chloe on Instagram [00:31:00] @BeKindCoco, and you can follow me on Instagram @MikaelaHofman and @RetroKittyVintage if you want to want to

she's doing the, is that the macarena?

Chloe: Yeah.

Mikaela: So good. I could just see like the corner of my eye.

Chloe: Oh my gosh.

Mikaela: Okay. Sorry. Back on track.

Chloe: I had to rotate.

Mikaela: Yeah, it was very good. I'm impressed. If you would like to email us for any reason, you can do this by our And we also have a Patreon, but you can look us up there on Green Girls Podcast and find us. That is all folks look out for new episodes every other Wednesday because on Wednesdays we podcast.

We hope you enjoyed listening to our ramblings today, and until next time, remember my favourite thing. It doesn't matter if you take it slow, it matters that you take a step.

Chloe: Woo, goodbye.[00:32:00]

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