Green Girls Podcast | Episode 11 | Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Tis the season (somehow) and the Girls are getting equal parts excited and annoyed at the whole thing. This week we talk about trees, turkeys and how totally crazy the amount we spend on Christmas can be - plus some ways we can celebrate a little more sustainably this year.

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Transcript: Chloe: [00:00:00] Let's get into it. I'm gonna intro.

The hell out of this. Ah. Hey, green beans. Welcome to our Christmas episode. We are recording this in early October, and ho, ho. Holy moly. I cannot fathom that not only is 2022 nearly over, but Christmas is disgustingly close. This year, we hope to give you all the gift of a slightly greener Christmas, going through a few not so jolly parts of the Christmas season, and some ways we can be a little kinder.

But before we properly get into it, I want to go on a classic Green Girls tangent and talk about our Christmases a little, how they differ between Australia and England, our favorite parts as a child versus an adult. So over to you, Mikaela, in your very classy antlers what makes your Christmas, christmas?

Mikaela: I love the ho Holy Moly

Chloe: I needed to get some sort of Christmas pun in there.

Mikaela: Oh, definitely. It wouldn't be a Green Girls's podcast without a little bit of a [00:01:00] pun.

Chloe: Absolutely not. Dad. Energy.

Mikaela: Yeah. Love it. That's what we're all about. All right. What makes My Christmas, Christmas? Honestly. I feel like I'm currently in the stage where it's evolving.

Like it's very different to my childhood Christmas. I think as soon as you live out of home, it's like a whole other ballgame, you know? It's just Jake and I here. And you know, at my parents' house, you'd wake up in the morning and everyone would be like, even when you're older, everyone would be like, Merry Christmas,

Now I wake up and it's just ah. Yeah, Oh Christmas. What do you want for breakfast? I dunno. What do you wanna do before we go to whatever parent's house, but I do, in this house we've been in two years now, so we've had two Christmases here. I put up the tree in November because you have to milk it.

I absolutely love the tree. I love fairy lights and all that stuff. And we don't have any presents under it. It's just decorated.

Chloe: Just tree.

Mikaela: And I decorate it myself. Like I said to Jake [00:02:00] last year, Do you wanna help me decorate? And he's Oh no, I'm alright. Like I like climbing up the stairs and it's just, bam. Done. So I go around and like strategically place this size, this size, this size, and it's just. The joy.

Chloe: I love it.

Mikaela: Put on a Christmas movie.

Chloe: Is it in your living room?

Mikaela: It is. So you can see it from the couch. And because our kitchen has a half shelf, you can see through it. So you can also see it from the kitchen. It's currently filled with plants though. I don't know where I'm gonna put them.

Chloe: Ah, they might have to move over. Do you get a real tree or do you have one that you pull out?

Mikaela: I used to love having the real tree. My dad always got one, but when we moved out I was like, I want a tree. And I looked on catch and I looked and looked and I wanted a big F off massive tree.

And I had all these tabs open and I checked all the measurements and I was super stoked. And I have this photo and this photo's definitely gonna go on our Instagram.

Chloe: Brilliant.

Mikaela: The tree arrived and I was like, it's a [00:03:00] very small box. I guess it comes in parts. I took it out and I put it together and I had ordered the wrong tree and I was taller than my tree.

Chloe: No.

Mikaela: But I was like, You know what, it's done. I'm just gonna keep it. It's hilarious every time I look at it now, I'm gonna laugh.

Chloe: Oh my gosh.

Mikaela: So I have this photo of me standing there, defeated with my thumbs up just next to the tree being like,

Chloe: Oh, is that the one you still use?

Mikaela: Yeah. Yep. So we've got two Christmases so far. And this will be the third that it's used.

Chloe: Oh my gosh. I can't wait to see it. With a small tree, you know, less baubles.

Mikaela: Yeah. I've put a lot of baubles on it.

Chloe: Oh, every branch.

Mikaela: Yeah. But I think

Chloe: multiple

Mikaela: baubles

I did buy most of them after, like after Christmas, so I got them super duper cheap and op shops.

Chloe: Oh yeah. They, they have the goods.

Mikaela: So yeah, my Christmas is setting up the tree in November by myself, thoroughly enjoying it, watching a bit of a tacky Christmas movie. And then we go from like [00:04:00] house to house, either on Christmas or Boxing Day, depending on the family.

It's pretty chill.

Chloe: Do you have a set sort of food?

Mikaela: Not really. Like I'm definitely more included these days, you know, any sides or anything. Most of them are made so that I can eat them, being vegan. And then, you know, it's normally whoever hosts it makes most of the food, but then everyone will bring a little something.

So like you could bring a vegan dessert or I tried to make my own Tofu thing, which was interesting and a lot of effort. I think I'll just buy one next time, but I don't wanna overdo it cause the ones you buy are like so big. And normally it's just me that eats it, so then it's like waste.

Chloe: Ah.

Mikaela: So yeah.

Chloe: Yeah. Fair enough.

Mikaela: Still learning, still figuring it out.

Chloe: It might be that the store bought, one, you know, everyone could love if it's,

Mikaela: That's true.

Chloe: If it's that good.

Mikaela: I think I just need to sneak it onto the table and be like, Oh, I don't know what this is. And then let everyone get some, it's, and

Chloe: Oh what could it be? Mystery meat.

Mikaela: Then I'll take the end, and they'll be like, Oh, you're eating that? Yes. It's vegan.

Chloe: They immediately put it [00:05:00] back Oh no, must be grass.

Mikaela: No. I'm joking. My family is very good.

Chloe: Yeah. Honestly, from like the families I've heard about yours seems to be really good. Yeah. Really supportive.

Mikaela: It is very good. I think last year my auntie made a sticky date pudding that was vegan and Oh, and I got to take it home and I was so excited. And everyone else was like, This is delicious. And I was like, Don't eat it. It's mine.

Chloe: You're not allowed. It's mine. You need to swear off all animals and then you're allowed the good dessert. Yeah, exactly right.

Mikaela: That's right. Yeah. Yeah.

Chloe: Treat yourself.

Mikaela: What about you? Do you, You would have snow, right?

Totally different.

Chloe: I wish we had snow. No, we just have miserable gray weather for three months.

Mikaela: That's sad.

Chloe: I think the one time it did snow was still like in January or February or something. It generally doesn't snow where I am anyway, because it's really salty, like it's a coastal town and there's just so much like salt in the air.

Even if it was going to snow, it just turns into sludge.

Mikaela: Yeah. That's no fun.

Chloe: It's no fun. You can't do much. [00:06:00] It's just tobogganing down sludgy grass. But it is still bizarre to me that December here is summer.

Mikaela: Yeah.

Chloe: And especially because Melbourne does get cold. Part of my brain is like okay, I can understand that it's spring right now for us, but like it's gonna be winter in December. Like it's gonna be, Christmas is cold, so it's just gonna flip. My brain's gonna, not okay with it. Yeah. It's gonna work out. It's gonna be cold somehow. It's Melbourne, so who knows?

It could. Really easily, be cold.

Mikaela: Wow. Exactly. Look at the next, the weather forecast, now it's like horrible rain and

Chloe: Yeah, too right.

Mikaela: Scary weather.

Chloe: Yeah, but I'm used to, Like the night before Christmas, everyone goes to the local pub. Oh. And like when I was a kid, it used to be like everyone goes to play on the beach.

When I was an older kid, like I'd be minding the kids on the beach. While everyone else is literally at the pub across from the beach.

Mikaela: Cute.

Chloe: And like when we're older, it's all my friends, they'll come to that pub and like we all have a drink together. And of course there's that one or two years where we think [00:07:00] it's gonna be a great idea to get really drunk.

And then you realize the next day on Christmas, that was the worst idea.

Mikaela: Oh yes. No, not a good plan.

Chloe: I know. 28 and now we're all much, much wiser.

Mikaela: Yeah, that's, yeah. You learnt your lesson,

Chloe: Oh my gosh. Yeah. It's not fun if Santa still drops off gifts for you in your early twenties. It's not fun being hungover for that.

No. Yeah, no, definitely not at all. Uhuh

Mikaela: definitely not.

Chloe: But I'm used to like the pub and Carol singers and mulled cider and mulled wine and like wrapping up really warm. So it's just, Bonkers to me that it's backwards here and like people have prawns on Christmas day. It seems to be like a big thing. Tarik was pretty insistent before and Yeah, no prawns come on.

But that's not a Christmas food.

Mikaela: Like I'm pretty sure my dad's all about that, but for obvious reasons I am not, but I,

Chloe: No, clearly not.

Mikaela: I don't know. It is a weird thing, but I guess it's the same,

Chloe: like cold foods.

Mikaela: Yeah. [00:08:00] I guess it's the same as the US and Turkey. Like why is Turkey their Christmas? You know? Why is prawns ours?

Chloe: I think that the UK does Turkey as well, and I was like, what? Why?

Mikaela: Yeah. So bizarre.

Chloe: Not to start on my tangents early, but I didn't have a, Here I go anyway. If it wasn't a tradition, I do not think anyone would bother eating Turkey on Christmas day. Even if it's still meat, think what you'd rather be eating.

If not for tradition. If I was still eating meat, I would rather have a really big carbonara. And that would be great. And I guess I don't know what my favorite meal would be as a vegan. I'll have to figure that out. But it's not Turkey and it's not a vegan Turkey replica either.

Like Turkey is bland. Like you need all of the extra Christmas things to make it good. From that, How about we just go straight into food? Cause I know you've looked up some great stats about turkeys.

Mikaela: Yes. So now this is in the US and this is Thanksgiving slash Christmas Statistics. For every year an [00:09:00] estimated 245 million turkeys are raised and killed. So that's the, that's a big number.

Chloe: Big number.

Mikaela: Yeah. And now at Thanksgiving, that's 46 million. And at Christmas, 22 million.

Chloe: Wow. So people eat more turkeys at Thanksgiving.

Mikaela: Yeah. I feel like Thanksgiving is bigger than Christmas. I don't know. Don't come at me. I don't know anything about American. I dunno. I know it, it's just crazy though. And I wish I had of have done some research in terms of like how many that is per household or per, you know, in relation to how many people live in the US Yeah. But maths is not my forte.

Chloe: Turkey's a pretty big bird.

Mikaela: They are.

Chloe: So I imagine it's one to like a family, I assume.

Mikaela: But then not only that, like you have Turkey, but you have all the other foods as well. What family is going to eat all that in one go?

Chloe: Oh, and it became the [00:10:00] fashion. Maybe not for Thanksgiving, cause I feel like that probably has way like a lot of traditions attached to it. But Christmas does too, but it became so fashionable to have a bird stuffed with a bird. Did you hear about this?

Mikaela: What, No. What?

Chloe: Yeah. And people I think are doing it with like fish and like other things like pork and then beef and then chicken or Yeah, a whole thing like that. Yeah. Just, sorry.

Mikaela: That's a lot. How does that even work??

Chloe: I know that, stuffing is its own thing. Like you stuff that inside. But yeah, somehow, I guess it's just they've worked out the sizes of these things and put them inside.

Mikaela: That's crazy.

Chloe: I'm not sure either.

Mikaela: I don't know if you guys could see the gestures at this stage,

Chloe: I'm not sure how it works, but it's like you could have these things individually, like no,

Mikaela: You Could. Exactly.

Chloe: Let's just frankenstein them all together. Sounds delicious.

I guess Christmas and food. It's like such a thing for a lot of people and I know that now I'm like, Oh, I wish, like I would love [00:11:00] to have Yorkshire puddings and like potatoes. All of those things. Because of the tradition, even though I'm not fussed about half those things most of the year. Yeah. It's nice to have a special meal, but everyone seems to be like having the same tradition. But like you said with Jake, like it's nice to come up with your own thing.

I won't be in England for Christmas this year, and that makes me quite sad. But I'm excited to start other traditions here. Like it's nice to have the clean slate that is Australia, to be like what do I wanna do on this day to make it special? And if your values don't align with a Turkey, or even if you just don't like Turkey for music come on, think of something else.

Mikaela: I think that's a really good point. And I think the key thing with traditions is that we associate the memory like we, when we are kids, you know, Christmas is such a magical, wonderful time that you associate, eating those foods, with that feeling. So I think you, you are trying to bring it back and you think, Oh great, it's Christmas time. We gotta have all this stuff that we have when I was [00:12:00] a kid to make it that amazing, wonderful time.

Chloe: Yeah.

Mikaela: But I love that you said that you can make your own traditions because you know, even, we're adults. Even if you're a teenager, you can say, Hey, family, I'd really love it if we could do blah. And then in a couple years time, you've made your own tradition and you've made those memories and those feelings, so why not?

Chloe: Yeah. It doesn't need to be what the Joneses are doing, like next door neighbors. Absolutely not. And then you look at traditions in other places. I might be getting this totally wrong, but I feel like in Japan it somehow became like KFC.

Mikaela: Oh yes. I think we touched on this on our beginning for the holidays episode.

Chloe: Yeah. I don't know how KFC managed that. Kudos to your marketing team. But somehow that happened. I was like, these things Yeah, they can just take over.

Mikaela: Yeah, exactly. You just gotta start your own tradition. Whatever you wanna do, Figure it out.

Chloe: Yeah. What what would your ideal food be then if it's not Christmas themed?

Mikaela: If it's not Christmas themed, that is really tricky. Cause I don't [00:13:00] even know what my favorite food is now. Lord of the Fries, mind you, I treat myself to that every Friday now when I'm at trade school, it started off as like a little, Oh, a little. Oh, I'll just get a burger or I'll just get this.

And now every Friday I'm like, Yep, Lord of the Fries deliberately. I'm not bringing lunch. I'm gonna buy a Lord of the Fries.

Chloe: Whoopsie. Yeah. Yeah. I tried the hot dogs recently. I liked them.

Mikaela: Yeah. I always get the same thing. And then the last two times I tried something different and I was like, Nah, gotta get the chicken burger. That's where it's at.

Chloe: Yeah. Ooh, I've not tried that. Okay. I need to try that.

Mikaela: But yeah I don't really know. I think any food is good food, right?

Chloe: Yeah. I like the, tell you what I d o like as a kid, obviously in Christmas, Yes. I like presents. And as an adult I still like the whole things wrapped up under a tree.

I'm not really that bothered. It could be whatever in that box. But I do I like it. I'm like, Ooh. It's a surprise. It's it is that exchanging of care as well as a gift. [00:14:00] Someone's thought of me and what I might like, but as a kid I'm definitely like, Oh my gosh. Yes. Gifts. Whereas now the favorite thing for me about food is more that people have come together and that aspect of one place might do the majority of the cooking. But it generally is like a team effort. And it's not that common now, at least for my family, to make a big meal that we all share.

We all bring something to the table. We, My family is a little bit, everybody loves Raymond, where there's my family's house, my mum and dad's. And then during the Christmas, my grandparents' house is next door. They rented out during the summer. So it's like a holiday home and then they live there in the winter.

And so literally next door.

Mikaela: That's so cute.

Chloe: Is as far as we go on Christmas day. And my other grandma actually lives, up the road like you turn right and she's there.

Mikaela: Oh my gosh.

Chloe: And so that grandma makes a trifle and brings it along. The first grandma, we all go to her house. So she does like the majority of the cooking, if the cooker works, cause she's got this like arga that likes to stop.

Mikaela: A what? What is [00:15:00] it?

Chloe: Arga?

Mikaela: Is that like a brand or is it a type of cooking? I'm not well versed in the cooking universe.

Chloe: It is. I, yeah, Me neither. I'm totally making this up.

Mikaela: I don't even know how you spell.

Chloe: People are gonna yell at,

Mikaela: what is that?

Chloe: Our podcast.

I'm not sure. I think it's basically like a very old fashioned oven, which you like light and then it cooks things.

Mikaela: Oh, it's like a country oven thing.

Chloe: Is that what Google says?

Mikaela: I don't know. See, I searched A R G E R, but now like a brand of AGA has come up and it's like a country style stove.

Chloe: Could be it. I know it, it's traditional. Anyway. It's a cooker that likes to turn itself off randomly. And because it is so slow, it's really hard to tell if it's turned off.

Mikaela: Oh no.

Chloe: So I suppose just a tradition that we did not mean to make is like Christmas dinners four hours late.

Mikaela: Yeah. Or not at all.

Chloe: And mum and dad I think would do like the potatoes and bring all of that next door. So it means [00:16:00] that even though there's quite a lot of people we can all share in the activities and I suppose like I'm only just at the stage where I can help. And so horray, I can try that. And now of I'm like whoopsie vegan and like making the whole thing slightly different.

Mikaela: By the way, change your recipes.

Chloe: Yep. Sorry, everyone. Butter is out. Yeah. Take that bird out of that bird. What are you doing?

Mikaela: Never imagine hearing those words come out of your mouth, but, Yeah. Take that bird out of that bird.

Chloe: I would love if we're somehow famous enough one day for there to be just a compilation of out of context things we've said.

Mikaela: Yes, absolutely. I think we could just start that. I think we should just,

Chloe: That's the goal.

Mikaela: Just do it.

Chloe: We do it. Awesome.

Mikaela: Why not?

Chloe: Cool. All right. I love it. So yeah, so food I think is like a huge part of the tradition. And I suppose like young Chloe said, gifts. Gifts is another huge one. And I think this year in [00:17:00] particular, it's fairly tough on people. I think even though financially we were probably all told after the lockdowns it's gonna get tight and like the price of things have to go up because we've supported people. Yada. All of the fun financial things that we, I don't know too much about, but , it's hitting everyone really hard.

Mikaela: Definitely.

Chloe: I feel like I'm gonna sit down with my family and say, I cannot really afford to do much gift giving this year. You have my love from afar . And that's gonna have to do .

Mikaela: I think that's perfectly fine though. I'm not sure if I touched on this before in a previous episode. I definitely told so many people, anyone who will listen, that I don't even know how many years ago it was, we started doing family KK. And it was like my entire extended family, because there was one year where I had, I love buying things for people. Like I, I find so much joy in it and I love receiving gifts. I'm not gonna lie, I'm not that person that's, No, don't get me anything. I might say that, but if you get me something, I'm gonna be like, Yay. [00:18:00] There was one Christmas,

Chloe: For me?

Mikaela: Yes. Oh, two presents. Oh my goodness. It's so bad. But it's great. But bad,

But yeah, there was one Christmas, but I was working in retail and I finished my job and I was walking around the shopping center and I was like, Oh my gosh this. And because I was just buying things that I saw that I thought, Oh, this person would like it. This is perfect for this other person.

I was buying like multiple gifts for people and I calculated, and I think I had spent $3,000 on presents and I just about had a heart attack because over the time, like working in retail over Christmas, you know, you go on your lunch break, you go here and there's dribss and drabs that you don't realize. But then was when I added it all together,

I was like, so,

Chloe: Oh my goodness.

Mikaela: The next year I was like, all right, I'm making stuff for everybody. as much as that sounds like a great idea. It sucked so much. I had spent so much time in the end I was like, I would've preferred to have just spent money. And it was like, great people liked this stuff.

So now onto [00:19:00] family KK. Extended family and we all have a hundred dollars and we're all adults. So it's not you know, there's, if there's young kids or anything, they still get gifts. So we're all adults. So it's, reasonable. And my beautiful sister and my lovely cousin are often the organizers.

So you have to compile a list of what you would like. And you can have one thing on there. You can have 20 things on there. And you send it in to sister or cousin and they allocate you to another person. So you get someone else's list. So, if you like shopping, you can be like, Heck yeah, I'm gonna pick all this stuff off the list and make it equal a hundred.

Or you go, I'm not a shopper. This person wants a gift card, sweet. So in the end, you end up with something that you actually wanted, cause you put it on your list. And I know it's essentially buying yourself a present, but you still have the fun of sitting around in the room, like with 20 people or whatever opening presents.

And then you go look around and you've gotta. [00:20:00] Who's suspicious, Was it you? So you guess. So it was like still a fun game and I am so grateful cause now I can get away with Christmas for pretty much a hundred dollars.

Chloe: Yes. So you don't to worry about extended family anymore.

Mikaela: Yeah.

Chloe: Yeah. That is really good.

Mikaela: I mean, you don't have to do a hundred, you could do 50, you could do whatever works for your family. And I'm sure there's, mums and siblings and grandparents out there who are like, Yeah, great, but I also wanna buy you something. And that's fine too. If it brings them joy, then who are you to take it away?

Chloe: Yeah. My mum especially does, she loves getting gifts. Like she can keep to a budget. It can be small, but she'll be like, Okay, how much can I get out of this, she like thrives off it and she likes the tree to look full and to have that like gift giving experience. It brings a lot of joy and I think my family does go a bit over the top, like nothing's ever extravagant, but they definitely enjoy it and therefore I've grown up absolutely enjoying it too. Like the same as you. Like for me, you shouldn't have. Okay, then.

Mikaela: Definitely. I'm not at [00:21:00] all ashamed to say that I like gift and exactly that opening something. You dunno what it is. And mind you, I hate not knowing if Jake gets me something, he will be like, Oh, I bought you something.

And I'm like, Oh, what is it? He's like No. I'm like, Give, gimme a hint. He's like No. And then every day I'm like, gimme a hint. Just tell me something.

Chloe: Yeah,

Mikaela: what is it in relation to. Blah, blah, blah, blah. So as much as I like gifts, I also hate not knowing.

Chloe: I think I'm way worse at that now than when I was a kid.

I think as a kid, I like once had a slip up where I thought I'd get away with taking one and going into like the pantry, like opening it or something. But never again though. Although I think one of my friends told me like, No, you opened all your gifts. But I don't remember it that way.

Mikaela: Oh, you just blocked it out. You're like, No, that wasn't me. I dunno what you're talking about.

Chloe: What, No, I absolutely suppressed that. That's the truth. But now I think because of like the OnDemand, quick nature, everything, I'm like, I know. I wanna know what it is. Yeah. So ooh, it's a box. What's in the box?

Shake the box.

Mikaela: Yeah.

Chloe: Lick the box. What's in the box.

Mikaela: Yeah. So now like my family, [00:22:00] you know, my dad is a notorious for this. He'll get you a teeny tiny little trinket and he'll put it in a box. In something else. In something else. So you end up with this thing that's like huge and you're like, Ooh, what is it?

Shake it. Nothing makes a sound. You're like, Oh. And then you open it up and you're like, it's another box.

Chloe: Oh, classic.

Mikaela: Classic dad thing.

Chloe: I would love to just stare at his face. Like, Oh, could it be

Mikaela: He loves to, He absolutely loves it. He's also notorious for making like an A4 page document that just says this entitles you to, like one night stay at dad's house.

And then he has all of these like terms and conditions at the bottom,

Chloe: Oh, that's brilliant. Cause you'd like, Dad, I stay with you all the time, but now there's terms and conditions.

Mikaela: Yeah, exactly. It's very entertaining.

Chloe: So that would be a gift for him. Cause it's like, But you must vacuum. I like that. Good on your dad. But it sounds [00:23:00] like we love gifts.

But Christmas is the most notorious time of year for returns. So according to, the most returned Christmas gifts are chocolates, beauty gift sets, scented candles, clothes and makeup. Yeah. Chocolate

Mikaela: Who returns chocolate?

Chloe: That shocked me too.

Mikaela: Yeah, I totally get the beauty gift sets, like scented candles and stuff like that. But chocolate.

Chloe: Yeah, chocolate. I know. I would even just, for one I'll eat it, or for two I'll give it to someone else.

Mikaela: But that's the thing. Are they buying like a hundred dollars chocolate blocks? Cause I'd understand returning that. But if it's like, you know, a lindt bundle or like a thing of favourites, Yeah. I would just give that to someone else. Re gift it.

Chloe: Yeah, absolutely. Or I will just eat it.

Mikaela: Yes, exactly right.

Chloe: If it's not vegan, then we do have a bit of a problem. , but also with my own little Oh, can't waste it, I would still probably eat it. Knowing me like, Oh no, it's melting in the sun.

Mikaela: Oh no, it's melting in my mouth.

Chloe: But in [00:24:00] the UK there's, I guess like the drugstore of choice is this brand called Boots?

Mikaela: Yes. I've heard you talk about them before.

Chloe: Yes. And they have a Christmas special thing. I would live for whenever, it's like mid-November when they start doing this, like just whole aisle of boots is taken up with all of the Christmas gift sets and they were always three for the price of two. So it always meant that, for one, I'm like, Ooh, what do I secretly want to get myself? Oh, this for mom, this for grandma, ah this for me.

Mikaela: Yeah. What do I want for me?

Chloe: Yeah. But then the day after Christmas, everything goes on half price sale.

Mikaela: Yeah. But do they still have stock?

Chloe: Surprisingly, yes. Oh and it's not necessarily like the best stuff anymore. But now I look at all of it and I think I even went in last year after Christmas to be like, Oh, okay, maybe I can get a good, good, like deal. And I wanted none of it. I realized I don't want everything that's in this gift set.

I want maybe one thing, and therefore if I buy this, even if it's roughly the same cost as that [00:25:00] item I know I'm gonna waste those other three items that are in there. It's nice for me to realize that my mindset has changed. But I can totally see why it's such a return gift. Because if people are reasonable, like I'm not really gonna use this.

Mikaela: No. Like it's I'm pretty sure Jake threw out, Oh, it was probably a couple months ago. Were going through the cupboards being like, What the heck is this? Mainly my stuff. He probably had a tiny box of things and he pulls out, Yeah. This gift set that he would've gotten for a Christmas, I don't know, probably five years ago. And it was like a aftershave, but then it had a scented body wash and a moisturiser and it was like, you know, the black packaging with like gold very much aimed at men.

Chloe: Just for men.

Mikaela: Yeah. Like that stuff.

And he pulled it out and he was like, Ugh. I was like, Open it, I wanna smell it. And we both smelled it and we were like, I was like, No, who the heck is gonna put that on their body? It's too strong.

Chloe: Men.

Mikaela: They're not gonna use like scented body wash, so we ended up throwing it in the bin, but he would've had it for five years, so it would've gone past its date anyway.

Chloe: Yeah, true. It may [00:26:00] not smell like it originally was.

Mikaela: That's right. It probably was a bit of a mix. But I think the thing with those little bundles or those Christmas packs is the packaging. They look so inviting.

Chloe: So much packaging. Yeah.

Mikaela: But that's it. It's all, you know, you get this big huge box for three little items and you're like, Oh, it's beautiful and shiny and it's presented so well, and then you get sucked into buying it.

And then you get home and you're like, I probably could've just bought, like you said, just that one thing, but , they know what they're selling you.

Chloe: Oh, they absolutely know what they're selling you.

Mikaela: And then's, in a box, in a plastic thing, in another plastic thing, and it's like, Oh, I just paid for all this packaging.

Chloe: I actually bought myself. It's, I'm like looking down under here because it's still under my desk.

Mikaela: Oh no.

Chloe: My first one or two years here. I'm guessing year number two, cause I was, I had way more money in year number two than year number one.

Mikaela: Fair.

Chloe: I don't have that same amount of money now either.

Mikaela: Fair.

Chloe: But I bought myself the Body [00:27:00] Shop calendar. Or whatever it's called, so that there's 24 days and maybe it's 12, I don't know. And so there's a little thing on every day.

Mikaela: The little drawers?

Chloe: Yeah. Yeah. And I even worked out financially, like there's the $50 one on the $70 one or something like that.

And I think I ended up going for the $70 one because the price of each item in it was just worth more. And I knew that the most expensive item I planned on giving to someone. So I was like, sweet. I know that even though I won't use that like really expensive product on its own, I'm gonna give that to someone else. And that's gonna be great. And I basically use that as an excuse for me to buy the whole thing.

Mikaela: Yeah. So you go, I'm buying this for my friend, but I'm getting all these little treats.

Chloe: Yeah. And like one of the days literally like one, one was like say a nail file.

Mikaela: Oh.

Chloe: And one was a soap shaped like a Christmas tree and one was a soap. Soap shaped gosh, something else. Christmasy, a snowman probably. And then there was a date where essentially just this little wooden like die, dice.

Mikaela: Oh wow.

Chloe: Individual thing. But instead of numbers, it had a triangle and a [00:28:00] circle and square and star. And I have zero use for this little block, but I can't give I can't fathom giving it away either, cause I don't know what anyone else would do with it.

Mikaela: Oh man. It's, you know what that's just refreshed my memory of seeing, I feel like there was a real phase maybe a couple years ago about all the like YouTubers and stuff who were making like Christmas calendars.

Chloe: Are you about to say Zoella?

Mikaela: Yes.

Chloe: Yeah.

Mikaela: Do you remember that one?

Chloe: It was like a scandal, wasn't it? The stuff was inside. It was rubbish.

Mikaela: Horrid. Horrid.

Chloe: Yeah. So much money that, because Zella is so famous, everyone's Oh my gosh, parents, I would really love this calendar. Yeah.

Mikaela: And it was like a secondhand lipstick or something.

Chloe: Like a lipstick, Like the lipstick's probably not the best thing in there. And then it's like pens and, Yeah, a little lip gloss and probably a little wooden dice.

Mikaela: Yeah. But that goes back to what we were talking about before. In receiving gifts because every day is a gift. And even if you [00:29:00] open it up and you get that nail file, you still had the joy of Ooh, what's this? Open it up. Yeah.

Chloe: Yeah. True. Oh, I, oh my gosh, I totally forgot the Christmas chocolate advent calendars existed. And I'm now really excited because I can get a vegan one.

Mikaela: Yeah. My dad has gotten a vegan one for the past few years. But the issue is that my mum also gets one. So then I have two advent calendars and it's not really an issue, but

Chloe: that's not in any way an issue.

Mikaela: I know. But then I also feel bad, and then, so sometimes I'm like I won't have a chocolate today. And then I have three days later I'm like, Oh my god. Three days worth of double chocolate. nomnomnom.

Chloe: That's like a whole bar of chocolate. That's six little things. Wow.

Mikaela: I know.

Chloe: Do you have a recommendation of a vegan, a calendar?

Mikaela: No. I know my dad gets them. I think Aldi had them. And I think Big W and Kmart and stuff have them. I wanna say no, noMo?

Chloe: No mo. Oh Yeah. I do like that chocolate.

Mikaela: Yeah. Yeah. I'm not sure. I'm sure there's more out this year anyway. I know it's [00:30:00] plasticy, but

Chloe: depending on the Oh yeah, true.

No, I was gonna, Oh, depending on the brand, but actually, yeah. No, they don't they? There's people that you know, have those, they'll make a box, for example. Or like they'll make a little fabric tree with pockets and that sort of thing. That's really cute. Cause then that's, you could just go out and buy your own little chocolates or make chocolates or, Yeah.

Or it could not be chocolate, but I really would prefer.

Mikaela: Yeah. We can get a whole bunch of nail files, 24 nail files. Wew.

Chloe: Oh my gosh. Think of how many little wooden dice you can have.

Mikaela: Oh, the joy.

Chloe: Oh my goodness. That's still, Oh, okay. I was gonna get into gifts. I'm not gonna get into gifts yet because I wanted to briefly touch on money because I really do like the idea of the, like Christmas cringle. People spend way too much on Christmas.

Is the moral of the story.

Mikaela: Yes. No, not wrong.

Chloe: Here's my little thing.

Mikaela: Oh dear. Prepare myself.

Chloe: This is from to au. I might be wrong. No, I think, No, I think I'm right. I'm. Stick with my guns here.

Mikaela: Stick to it. Confidence.

Chloe: I'm right. [00:31:00] Okay. This is from Finder. So Australians are set to fork out 23.9 billion on everything from presents to Pina coladas this festive season, and I think this is like 2019, but I could be wrong there.

And that is equivalent to a 38% increase compared to last year's, which is estimate at 17.3 billion. My goodness. I know that I copy and pasted this start down, but I feel like I didn't read it. That's huge.

Mikaela: Yeah, it's just hit you again. You're like holy,

Chloe: whoa, ho. Holy moly.

But the worst thing, the average Aussie spends $1,223 on Christmas presents. Food, alcohol, eating out, and travel, which is less than Mikaela did that year. So

Mikaela: yeah, far out. Never again.

Chloe: Good on the average Australian,

Mikaela: I guess it's averaged out across the everyone.

Chloe: Yeah. Right. You've skewed it a little bit. but then all the other years where you're like, No, just [00:32:00] $100. You're skewing it right down.

Mikaela: Yeah. Just a hundred dollars. That's it.

Chloe: Yeah. Oh gosh. I just love that so much. I'm getting distracted from reading cause I'm like, Yeah, I wanna spend so much less on Christmas.

Mikaela: Yeah. Yeah.

Chloe: Just over half of Aussies use savings to fund their holiday spending. Meanwhile, 23% will have to go into debt to cover their Christmas costs. That's just awful. I hate it.

Mikaela: Yeah.

Chloe: I hate it. You shouldn't have to go into debt. Like it shouldn't be as important as that. And whether that's,

Mikaela: not at all,

Chloe: you putting that pressure on yourself or your family or friends, putting that pressure on you, not nah, I don't Uhuh.

I don't like it.

Mikaela: No. And not only that, I feel like you have the stress leading up to Christmas thinking, Oh gosh, how am I gonna pay for this? You make it work and then you have the one joy, the one day of joy. And then you have the next month of just,

Chloe: paying it back,

Mikaela: regret and stress.

Chloe: January is such like a slow month for like sales and everything else. So many businesses like, Oh my God, no one's buying anything. Cause if it's a small business, there's a person behind that. Just a few people [00:33:00] and they might have, you know, got Christmas gifts for people and are hoping it's okay. I'll get more money in January or whatever. And if no one's buying anything Oh no.

Mikaela: Exactly. I think the issue with.

Chloe: Ho Ho Holy Moly.

Mikaela: Stop it.

The issue with people spending so much money is, I feel like because we're in the era of social media, like people post their big Christmas, their huge tree, all their presents underneath their tree. And I feel you know, even if you're not trying to deliberately, you are trying to one up everyone else, you're trying to be like, Oh, I saw, so and so posted their Christmas tree and they have so many gifts, I'm gonna quickly run out and buy more so that I can take a photo and share as well.

Yeah. And show how good I'm being or like,

Chloe: Yeah. It's just, it's an odd sort of fomo. Compare yourself against people. And so many people do struggle with that. With social media. I like to think at least whatever algorithm I've got going on, my Instagram is pretty nice. I see funny [00:34:00] dogs and art and like Zelda and then like ethical lifestyle stuff and all my friends.

Whereas I know one of my friends recently has just been so overwhelmed and so affected body image wise, like they're such a gorgeous person. And yet they're so like, put down by social media thinking, Oh, everyone has this sun body type. Everyone's wearing this to the gym now. And doesn't realize or didn't realize that it had a massive effect on their mental health.

Yeah. And recently, like for the past three weekends, they've been like, Screw it. They've deleted Instagram and they'll just log back in. Every Sunday. Check up, log out.

Mikaela: Yeah. Yeah.

Chloe: Get rid of it from their life.

Mikaela: I think that's a great idea. And I'm so like ingrained in it. But I have gone through and like unfollowed certain people, but I still find, I'm wasting time on it.

And I'm comparing myself to other people. Like I started another account that was just like, no thoughts, just post. It was the chick I saw on TikTok. And I just you would've seen my plant seat belted in the other day, Safety home.

Chloe: It was so [00:35:00] good.

Mikaela: And that brings me joy because I'm just like, post whatever the heck I want.

But my personal account, I'm like, Ooh I don't know if I wanna post this. I'm looking at my friends, they've got all these really nice photos on their feed, like I'm gonna ruin it. And not only that, like even if you unfollow these people that are setting, like unrealistic standards. You also get the bloody targeted ads.

Yeah. And last time I looked at Instagram, I just cracked the sads and closed it because it had someone I followed an ad, a post of someone I followed a sponsored post and it was every second post was an ad and I was like, This is ridiculous. It's not what I wanna see. Yeah. So I can definitely understand how people get lost and sucked into it and think this is the norm. when in actual fact it's advertisers or people curating a lifestyle to show off, you know, something that's not necessarily real.

Chloe: Yeah. And it really can get to you. there's [00:36:00] just gotta be something psychologically, sociologically. You want to present yourself as either the same as people or maybe the slightly above whatever.

Like you want to think that you're doing well, I'm not qualified at all to be saying things. It if you're not doing that mentally, for example, it might be like, Yeah, but I can still look like I've got a good life.

Mikaela: Yeah, exactly.

Chloe: Like I can excel in this other area and there's so much that is presentation these days.

And if you, if it looks good, then people think that you've just got your life together. Yeah. So this whole. Social media, How do we get back there? Oh my gosh. Yeah. Money.

Mikaela: Yeah. Sorry, I just initiated that tangent.

Chloe: I love it and it's relevant because we spend so much of our lives on it on Instagram.

Like otherwise that wouldn't be that handy setting that tells you've been online for eight hours today.

Mikaela: Oh God. Yeah. I don't think I have that turned on

Chloe: I don't have an iPhone. I know that. They just tell you, what your screen time and Instagram time is, but on Instagram, I think you can find out if you go into like analytics somewhere.

Mikaela: I don't [00:37:00] wanna know.

Chloe: No, but actually I really I'm getting into the whole Be Real app.

Mikaela: Oh yeah. I, the guys at work are talking about it and the Apprentice, Other Apprentice today was like, like his phone went ding. He's like, Be real. Can I take a photo of you? My Be real. And I was like sitting at the office chair being like, Nope,

So he runs outside to the other apprentice. He's like Rob, be in my, Be real. Oh my gosh. I was like,

It's not real anymore, Matt. He's Oh yeah,

Chloe: you're kind of staging it now.

Mikaela: But yeah,

Chloe: I know it is. It's fun though. I literally have two people on it and it would be a way more fun if there are more people. Yeah. But like I got rid of Snapchat. Years ago.

Mikaela: Oh, I haven't used Snapchat in a long time.

Chloe: Yeah. But It's if Snapchat was like, Okay, but you have to all do it right now. So it's quite fun in that way of you've just taken a picture, it tells you someone else is taking picture right now as well.

So I'm like, Oh, okay. My friends through it too. Haha fun. And then your oldest kind of online at the same time for 10 minutes. Can have a little chat about what's going on. Yeah. Like my friend noticed today that I had 10 [00:38:00] tabs up for Patagonia. just was like part of my screen like,

Mikaela: what are you doing?

Chloe: Can see what you are looking at.

Mikaela: Yeah. I definitely need to get more into it. I think I've posted like twice.

Chloe: Oh look, my phone broke so I just re-downloaded it. Yeah. I got it. Had to be real for two days and then. Not at all for a month.

Mikaela: So sad,

Chloe: but I got it back cause I've resigned to the fact that my phone's gonna take a bit longer to fix.

Mikaela: Yes. Yes.

Chloe: Yeah. But I do, I like the idea of Be Real in that this is what people do the majority of the time. Instagram really can just be a highlight reel. It can be a reel of anything you want. Yeah. But the majority of the time it's gonna be stuff you want to look back on. It's kinda, it's a nice scrapbook of your life, whatever you want that to be. Whereas be real is, No, it's right now. It's right now where it's not at all. Yeah, exactly. I like that. Shout out to you. Be real and shame on you all of the apps Yes. That are currently trying to copy you. My goodness.

Mikaela: Oh goodness. They all try and copy each other anyway.

Chloe: True. I [00:39:00] can't really talk when I use Instagram reels instead of TikTok. Go.

Mikaela: That's all right. I feel like different you. Different things work If you're building a community. I feel like Instagram is good. I feel like TikTok, I don't know. I don't know. I like TikTok more, but that's only cause Instagram's made me angry .The TikTok algorithm's way better I think.

So, since we just talked about statistics for finance, I think it'd be good to continue with the numbers things.

Chloe: Love it. Love a number.

Mikaela: This statistic is gonna lead us into something. Australians use more than 150,000 kilometers of what? You already know cause I read the statistic to you, but

Chloe: yeah, I can pretend

Mikaela: Listeners what do you think?

Chloe: Oh my gosh. I just dunno. Wow.

Mikaela: Australians use more than 150,000 kilometers of wrapping paper during Christmas. That is enough to wrap around the earth's equator nearly four [00:40:00] times.

Chloe: No. Oh my gosh.

Mikaela: What the heck?

Chloe: Oh my gosh.

Mikaela: And we touched on this briefly before that, you know, we do like opening presents and I think that involves the paper side of things.

Chloe: Yeah. No, yeah. I get so much joy out of not seeing the thing.

Mikaela: That's exactly right.

Chloe: How can I put it any other way.

Mikaela: I feel like paper is more fun. Like a gift box or a gift bag, cause it's just so much of the unknown. But, with wrapping paper, I feel like a lot of people don't realize that most wrapping papers that are available commercially, like from the big shops, are actually lined with plastic.

So, you can't even, it's not paper, it's plastic. So what do you do with that?

Chloe: Yeah. As soon as it's shiny. It doesn't have to be gold, silver, whatever, like even that shine on it.

Mikaela: No. It's just that sheen.

Chloe: And the minute there's like glitter on it, that's plastic as well. I know. Which I'm sure I'm such a glitter suck.

Mikaela: Like I know that I have glitter wrapping paper in my wardrobe. So I need to touch [00:41:00] base on this and I need to look at some different alternatives.

Chloe: Yes. I can be useful here. I have alternatives.

Mikaela: Go for it.

Chloe: The easiest one to start doing right now is to just reuse what you've got. Yeah. And if you tell people, and you can even get cello tape that's like somehow to your wrapping paper,

Mikaela: you can get Yeah. You can get even paper like water based adhesive tape.

Chloe: Oh with no plastic on it, yeah. That stuff is so cool. We will link where you can buy that below because it is really cool.

But yeah. Reusing what you have telling people, be gentle with the wrapping paper caus you'll reuse it. Great. What I will personally do, and I was filled with so much joy because one of my grandmas did this with all of hers and like her husband's gifts , they get who gives a crap toilet paper.

Mikaela: Oh yes.

Chloe: And they like pre-made them into like sheets. So they got all the rolls of wrapping that goes around the toilet paper, smoothed it all out. Cello taped all of that together. Yeah. And then used that to like wrap presence with

Mikaela: That's so cute.

Chloe: And it was brilliant. And like that arrived, like it went all the way from [00:42:00] England.

Mikaela: Oh my gosh.

Chloe: And she had painted a picture of a chicken and I love it so much.

Mikaela: Bless.

But then I feel like you can't reuse that. You have to keep that and frame that. That's too cute.

Chloe: I think I do still have it, but I do the same. Like I get the eco cheeks toilet roll and that's got really beautiful designs on it, so I'm absolutely using that as wrapping paper.

Well, as alongside my stock of like already used wrapping paper. But I have some other fun alternatives. I will absolutely link the brands below. There are a few different alternatives that I've heard of. And yes, you can get boxes, you can get bags, you can keep reusing them, especially if you just don't write someone's name on the tag.

Mikaela: Or if you do, if you write it on the tag, write it in a way that if the tag's removed, you can still gift. Oh, I actually had, we went to a baby shower the other week and one of my friends was like, Oh, I just reuse this bag. Cause like we all put in for the gift and she put in a bag and she was like, I just reused this bag.

Like I, I couldn't write anything on it cuase, I had pulled the tag [00:43:00] off and then my other friend's like Huh, I gave you that bag for your baby shower. And she's like there you go.

Chloe: Oh really?

Mikaela: I was like, I love that.

Chloe: Must be a good bag.

Mikaela: Yeah, it was very cute.

Chloe: It's making the rounds. I guess if it's very Theme. Themed.


Mikaela: Baby shower and the baby shower.

Chloe: Yeah. It can just keep on going. Yeah. If it says Merry Christmas on it, then you just keep going with the Merry Christmas thing. I love the idea of making stockings, making fabric stockings, like putting stuff inside.

Mikaela: That's cute.

Chloe: And then you can wrap things within that, I guess as well. Especially if you are like me and you've just got so much wrapping paper that you dunno what to do with you may as well. But yeah, stockings are great, especially because then it limits how much you should buy for people.

Mikaela: True.

Chloe: If you do go a bit over the top, like not mentioning any names, Mum, then it confines you to a space.

But knowing her she's like, Oh, I'll just make another stocking.

Mikaela: Oh, I bought you three stockings.

Chloe: And as soon as you know how to sew, you're like you can just keep going.

Mikaela: But that's a really good thing too. If you do a stocking, you could also just do fabric [00:44:00] likeh. A family friend, Like an old family friend gave me a present once and it was wrapped in fabric. And I think that was cause she knew like that I liked sewing and I loved it. I was like this cute little piece of fabric. Like I can use it or I can turn it into something and then whenever I use it or see it again, I'm gonna associate it with this really nice gift.

Chloe: Yeah, great idea. Yeah. My nana last year I think she actually meant to buy me a scarf. but then she got carried away and bought quite a few scarves. Oh. And used those scarves to wrap other things.

Mikaela: Oh, I thought you were gonna say then she used those scarves to wrap those scarves and I was like,

Chloe: Look One of them might have been

Mikaela: maybe,

Chloe: but it was actually like a great use of these scarves.

Yeah. They were quite like wide scarves and like you just wrap them around and then something is covered up and you get a scarf and a thing.

Mikaela: And you still have the joy of the unknown.

Chloe: Yeah. Precisely.

Mikaela: I think it might be hard, and this is totally out of my element, but if you have kids, so I think going back to what Chloe said about the [00:45:00] stockings, I think that is a great idea for kids because you have the one big thing and then you can have all these little presents in it and you still have the unknown of, reaching in and grabbing something out and being like, Ooh, what's this?

So I do understand that, yes, some of these solutions might not be for everyone, but if you can make one little change and that suits your family, then that's still a bonus. So don't feel like we're, having a go. We're trying to help. And if you have any suggestions too, like anyone with kids, with families, let us know cause we would love to share it for other people who maybe also have kids.

Chloe: Yeah. And if you have transition to a more Ethical Christmas, Sustainable Christmas, I would absolutely love to hear what that's like especially with kids. Cause I feel like I'm very much at the beginning of. Christmas wise. And instead of finding solutions, I'm like, I just won't do anything to do with that.

Mikaela: Yeah, I know. We don't necessarily want that. Like we still wanna have the excitement and the fun of Christmas.

Chloe: Fabric. Yeah, fabric's great. There are some [00:46:00] that I got from a company last year or the year before, which basically comes in like this ideal size for wrapping most gifts. Like it can be up to a whatever size book.

And it also came with a ribbon attached. And like a little guide. So it like taught you different styles of wrapping cause there's this I guess it's really beautiful, like more intricate, you can do all these different designs so that it wraps itself and holds itself together. So Cool. And then you just tie the ribbon that's already on it to the gift and it's, Oh, it's so good.

And you can get all these different styles. I love it so much. Three of them and. I suppose part of me is like, Oh, I don't wanna use them on people. No. Cause I like the style.

Mikaela: I just wanna keep them.

Chloe: Yeah. Or I'm just, I suppose sentimental and like choosy about who they go to. who will really like this wrapping paper.

Yeah. And then pass it on to someone else, that sort of thing.

Mikaela: Yeah. Then you know, they're gonna appreciate it and potentially re-gift it to you.

Chloe: Oh dear. True. Although, I suppose if it. Like a birthday and like it's say like parents getting it for a child, then you could [00:47:00] absolutely keep using the same like fabric wrapping paper.

Mikaela: Yeah. You could

Chloe: every year.

Mikaela: Definitely.

Chloe: And then people just, your kids will just associate that wrapping paper with Oh yay, it's my birthday kids. And then if you can, if you like have some restraint and only buy like that pack of three and keep it to that. I actually saw, gosh, I hope I can remember this.

I was just basically looking up like Christmas stats or like what is Christmas something and it like autogenerated all of this other stuff and people were asking about four gift rule. And so it basically covered all the bases of some of the wants, something they. Something to wear. Something to read. There we go.

Mikaela: Oh, that's so cute. I love that.

Chloe: And so comes all the bases, like they feel Like everything they could want. Ah it's right here.

Mikaela: That's so cute.

Chloe: Four things. You're done. Great. Love it.

Mikaela: Love, You could also maybe just not wrap things and hide them in really obscure places and then play like hot or cold to find them.

Chloe: Ooh, that's true.

Mikaela: Mind you, I feel like if you have kids, [00:48:00] they're probably looking to find the hidden present, so it's eh,

Chloe: can't put them at eye level. Did you ever have the on the shelf thing or is that

Mikaela: No.

Chloe: Generation below us.

Mikaela: Yeah. No I think it's cute though. I think it's funny.

Chloe: Yeah. I love the idea that the elf moves every day.

Mikaela: Yes. Yeah. And like in weird spots, like in, in the cereal box or something in the pantry.

Chloe: It's so cute. Yeah. I think I'd quite like to do the, old Elf on the shelf thing. Yeah. Yeah. Just pose them in weird positions. I think I've just seen my cousin doing it just like it looks like so much fun.

All right. I think it's time to get into some quick tips to end this session on before you all go out and hopefully don't frantically do some Black Friday shopping. Yes.

Mikaela: Yes, definitely. One tip for Black Friday is make a list, if it's something that you want or something that you need and you can get it for cheaper. A hundred percent. Buy it on Black [00:49:00] Friday. But don't just look through the sales and go, Ooh, ooh.

Cause you will be tempted and you will end up with things that you didn't need, and you will spend money that you probably shouldn't have spent.

So make a list.

Chloe: Yes, absolutely. And oh my goodness, I swear more often than not those sales are like completely made up. Either it will continue to be on sale.

Afterwards , or they'll mark it up to full price. Something might have been reduced. They're marked up to full price. And then reduced again just for Black Friday. So you think you're getting a good deal.

Mikaela: So not only do you write a list, do you research

Chloe: do you research beforehand. Know what the price is.

Look in other places there's this is not, I guess Christmas related, but there are like, when I want a computer game, there are a few different places that I'll check and it always ends up being this other place that's like way cheaper. Yeah. Even though they will charge postage and the other place won't.

Mikaela: Yeah. Still cheaper. Wow.

Chloe: And absolutely a tip for online shopping and sales. I've seen a number of shops have a sale. And then increase the price of their [00:50:00] postage.

Mikaela: That is so wrong.

Chloe: Yeah. Or make it so that you need to spend more to get free postage.

Mikaela: Yeah. Spend 150, cheeky

Chloe: EIther. Either way you end up spending more

Mikaela: yeah. Yes. So don't get sucked in.

Chloe: Yeah. That's like the one reason that would make me actually shop in person, but I would absolutely rather online shop. And with Cyber Monday. Oh my goodness. There's just there's so much. Just so much.

Mikaela: Yeah, I know. We have, we, we want a new fridge and our TV is like very much on the edge of reality. So I said to Jake, I was like, Do your research. We are going to buy a new fridge, cause we currently have a thirdhand one that is slightly lopsided and is also broken, but it's just kicking on.

So we're like doing our research, we know what we want.

Chloe: Yeah. Oh good. And so what, are you going to wait for Black Friday to see if cool.

Mikaela: Definitely, yes.