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Green Girls Podcast | Episode 2 | Plastic Free July Swaps

Hey amigos! Welcome to Green Girls, the podcast that follows our journey (and struggles) to becoming green.

Join Chloe and Mikaela for a chat about the good bad and the ugly when trying to live a low plastic life. We wanted to get super practical today, sharing the swaps we found easiest and hardest including plastic-free shampoo, takeaway cups and chewing gum (yup, chewing gum contains plastic!).

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Harrowing stats:

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Plastic free tea:

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Episode 2 Transcript:

Chloe: [00:00:00] We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land in which we record this podcast.

Mikaela: always was, will be Aboriginal land.

Chloe: Since plastic free July is upon us. You can guess what the focus will be in today's episode, the plastics. Yeah. Boom. See what I did there. Mean girls.

Mikaela: You very clever girl.

Chloe: I'm so clever. oh, dad jokes. I I'm sorry, but I'm not .

Mikaela: That's okay. I did see someone comment saying that they would compile some dad jokes for us.

Chloe: That's brilliant, I think we should probably take them up on that offer. I think we should take it up and see just how many we can work into each episode.

So plastic isn't bad. It isn't evil. It isn't wrong to use plastic, but often the way we use it is wrong. In fact, there are some really excellent [00:01:00] reasons to use plastic: in countries or towns where the only clean water comes from a well.

Using plastic to carry that water of glass or pottery saves a lot of weight. And it's far more durable if you were to drop it. Mm. Using plastic in hospitals makes it more sanitary. It makes equipment cheaper. It saves countless lives. And plastic used in food storage or certain foods.

Anyway, means it will stay uncontaminated and safe to eat for a lot longer.

Mikaela: Very valid points.

Chloe: Thank you. So yeah, when it's used correctly, plastic can reduce waste and it can save lives. But unfortunately, plastic is predominantly also used for convenience. Yes. Plastic takeaway containers, cups, cutlery, straws, all common culprits as our bathroom products like wet wipes, Q-tips, period pads, tampons you'll even find plastic used to heat seal your teabag. And it's hidden within the ingredients of your chewing gum.

Mikaela: Ooh. I actually found a really good brand of plastic free gum. Mental note. I'm [00:02:00] gonna write it down.

Chloe: Plastic is everywhere. And unfortunately our plastic pollution is increasing year on year by about 9%, but we can make a difference by simply avoiding single use plastic where it isn't needed.

A great example is actually Disney. They banned a few single use items from their parks and resorts, and that ban eliminated the use of 175 billion straws and 13 million stirs every year.

Mikaela: Holy molly. Yeah. Convenience.

Chloe: Definitely yeah, so convenient. Yeah. 13 million stirs gone. Poof, just cuz Disney ban them. And we can all make a difference individually too. So imagine you use a single use coffee cup twice a day, five days a week in your work week. by swapping to a reusable little old you can save 520 cups from entering landfill every year.

Mikaela: Oh wow. That's a lot of coffees.

Chloe: That's a lot of coffees and that's a lot of cups that you can save. [00:03:00] Now I could go on and say about all those harrowing stats, especially when it comes to seabirds and ocean life. But, I don't want to dwell on that too much. I want us to get practical.

Let's look at our own experiences. The swaps that we have made to reduce plastic. What was easy, what was tough and what we can recommend to are lovely listeners. So I've got about seven swaps on my list today. Mikaela; how about you?

Mikaela: Um, look, to be perfectly honest with you. I thought I would wing this one today.

I don't have a number, but I have just come up with a lot. You've already triggered me, like just what you said there, and probably the one that's fresh in my mind is actually gum.

So, yeah, I feel like I was never really like a huge gum fan, but it was like definitely one of those things, like, especially in high school, someone pulls out [00:04:00] gum and you're like, oh my gosh. And then the packet is gone. Cause you given it to your friends, but like yes, the iconic Hubba, Bubba and stuff like that.

Chloe: Oh, I love the Hubba Bubba roll.

Mikaela: I know I haven't had gum for years and um, at the big vegan market we went to recently, there was a little stall there called honest gum. And I was like, oh, oh my gosh. I did not even think that there was an alternative it's plastic free completely. Even the packaging comes in these little, um, cardboard boxes. And I actually just spent $50 on gum. I did an online order cause I couldn't find it anywhere. I found it from this like random website. I think I worked out to be like $3 something, a pack. I think there's 12 pieces in each.

Chloe: You. Bulked.

Mikaela: I bulked yeah. I was like, I'm going away. And I get a bit of motion sickness, so they have like a lemon and ginger flavor. And I was like, that's perfect. It helps with nausea. There's a strawberry flavor and a eucalyptus mint. And there's a cinnamon one, which I wasn't too much of a fan of, but I did [00:05:00] try it. So I stocked up. And I feel so cool when I like flipped the little cardboard pack open. Like I've got all the flavors in my bag at work, and then it's just like, I didn't realize how much I liked gum . So now I have a really cool alternative and the packaging is super aesthetic. I know that's like not really important, but like it.

Chloe: And I think when it comes to things that are zero waste or green, all of this like greenwashing stuff, this isn't greenwashing, but you know, things that wanna appear green, it really does help to stand out and look cool. Cuz then people notice it. Absolutely.

Mikaela: And I think they'd recently just done a rebrand cuz I was like looking at their Instagram. Oh, I did have a really big stalk, like after. After I found them a big vegan and I was like, oh my gosh, it's so cool. So they've done like a really cool brand, like rebrand I'll show you just very quickly

Chloe: Nice. So [00:06:00] that you have a favorite flavor.

Mikaela: I really like the strawberry one. Strawberry's really nice. And I didn't realize how much I missed it. I mean, it was a very easy swap. It's just not one of those things you can pick up at the supermarket. It's like a special order, but if you likes something, you spend 40, $50 on it and have a stock in the


Chloe: Was that, uh, to avoid playing postage?

Mikaela: Yes. Yeah. So I was like, what's the point in buying like one pack of each flavor.

So I got four packs of each flavor.

Chloe: I think that's valid. Oh yeah, that sounds about right. Yeah. So very good.

Mikaela: So it's an easy swap when, you know.

Chloe: Isn't it crazy as well that the selling point is that it has zero plastic. Like, what the heck? What do you mean chewing gum has plastic in it?

Mikaela: I know, I know. See, I think [00:07:00] I stopped eating gum because of it might have been gelatin or something animal related. I didn't even think about the plastic thing. So. When I saw this one, I was like, oh my gosh. Thinking like, oh yeah, plastic free packaging. But the gum itself, I'm pretty sure the gum itself is, um, don't wanna say biodegradable? Compostable?

Chloe: One of them it's like, yeah, obviously. Cause it's not plastic.

Mikaela: It's made from like tree SAP of something.

I'll let you guys do your research and have a look, but it's uh, yummy tree sap.

Yeah. Yes,

Chloe: we will have it linked in the show notes. Mm-hmm everything that we mentioned today and any. I will try and link as well.

Mikaela: Perfecto. Do you wanna go for your easy one or do you want me to keep going?

Chloe: Yes, my easy one top of my list. Uh, I've got a few is my safety razor: it is so amazing. I love my safety razor so much, and I love this swap in particular because I thought it was gonna be so hard. Because I thought [00:08:00] it was gonna be so hard. I didn't do it for so long because I thought like, but I'm used to a, a, you know, Gillette, Venus five blade. Ultra smooth, blahdy blahdy blah. Yeah. How can this. One blade. Do what five blades do.

Mikaela: Mm-hmm

Chloe: And oh my gosh. I can't tell you, Mikaela it's the best thing in my life. That one blade does the trick. I've never had smoother underarms. It's the best. And I love that after I've had it for like two years, it still looks new.

Mikaela: Is it the sparkly, stainless steel, one.?

Chloe: It's a rose gold color.

Mikaela: Oh, I almost bought that one. I think I cheaped out and bought the gun metal color, it's pretty nice. I remember when we did our first sort of lot of recording, I'm pretty sure you mentioned, uh, safety razor. And at that point I was still too terrified to try it. Yeah. And now you're exactly right. I love it. Amazing. It's so good. It pays for itself.

Chloe: Yeah. I'm so happy that you joined [00:09:00] us.

Mikaela: Join us.

Chloe: YEs. If you're going to shave, use a safety razor.

Mikaela: Yeah. Game changer.

Chloe: One of my guy friends, he's got a safety razor that's like specifically for beards and like trimming. So you can choose a different kind of grade and it like twists and adjust. So if you want to have, and I guess if you want to not totally shave. Yeah. You can just have a bit of a trim. It is amazing. I think I took a picture of it in his bathroom. I was like, excuse me. I'm just gonna take a photo of your razor. I. I'm just greening out over here about razor.

Mikaela: I love that. That's that's a phrase, right?

Chloe: Yeah, it is now anyway. Oh yeah. So safety razors, uh, one of the things that I think scared me the most was I thought that the razor would be like totally straight.

Mikaela: Yeah. Yeah.

Chloe: But if you look at it, when it's in there, it sort of curves. Which means that just sort of contours nicely with your skin. . [00:10:00] And it's just, it's it's my life. Not that I shave that regularly at all. Because hi, it's winter.

Mikaela: Yeah. It's fine. Extra warmth right?

Chloe: Yeah. But when I do, and when I've just changed the blades.

Mikaela: Oh, it's fresh. Yeah. Mm-hmm they're very good.

Chloe: Yeah. That's my number one. I love it. Amazing. All right, let's swap. What's your next one mikaela?

Mikaela: I'm gonna do a good one first. And then I I've got plenty of others, but only cuz it's fresh in my mind. Cuz you said the coffee. Statistics. So I, I actually wasn't that much of a coffee drinker. Like I drink tea and I could never find like a good tea mug. So I've started drinking coffee in the past, like few years. And I actually have two mugs that I rotate. Cause sometimes I'm lazy and I don't wanna wash them.

And then they get a bit gross, you know? So I've got one, that's actually like a, um, a, I wanna say porcelain cup with like [00:11:00] a Silicon lid. And it is so satisfying to drink out of like, it's got a bit of weight to it. It feels really good. And it's like nice and warm. And then the other one I've got is a bamboo also with the Silicon lid and the Silicon lids are like soft.

They're not, they're really hard ones. So once I did that, like I take it with me everywhere. Every time I'm bringing a drink, like whether it be tea or coffee or whatever. I'll take it with me. That's so good. I think if you, if you're like in the car and then like in an office job or something, a porcelain one would be alright, but if you are kind of, yeah, gotta be a little more delicate and maybe put it in your bag after the fact, the bamboo, one's also a good choice.

Chloe: Yes. And I'm sure it's lightweight as well.

Mikaela: Absolutely. So light. I did drop one and it broke. I was very surprised. I think I just hit it at the exact right spot and it broke. And then I got my replacement one from an op shop. So I think it was like $2 or something. It was a little bit smaller, but it's like kind of cute being smaller.

And I think it'd still be fine to, um, To take, [00:12:00] like, if you are going to get a takeaway coffee from a cafe or anything, that'd be great to use as well. So I think that was a pretty easy one and I feel cool having like a fun colored mug as well. So I think that's an easy one.

Chloe: I think I'd be way too petrified to have a ceramic one because I know I'll drop it straight away.

Mikaela: Yeah. So I think it's good for if you are like, if you're not on public transport, like you're in your car or you're going straight into an office or, you know, I mean, I do take it to work and. I just set it down on the concrete somewhere. Like, it's fine. Touch wood now. I'm gonna break it.

Chloe: please tell me you don't take it on any roofs.

Mikaela: No, no, no. It's just on the ground. Okay. No, under houses, just yeah, in the van, out of the van. And then like, if we're at a customer's house or something and we want a coffee, I feel a bit less awkward in my own cup.

Chloe: Yeah. I agree. Like, even though there are plenty of regular cups at my work, I've bought two of my own mugs.

Mikaela: yeah. Sometimes you just have a thing it's like with cutlery [00:13:00] or mugs or cups or whatever, like you have a favorite one and then everything else is just if I do.

Chloe: Yeah. Like they have a feeling about them. Yeah. And I have one that's slightly bigger for a big tea day. I think they are the cheaper mugs that I own as well. So I won't be heartbroken if I drop it and it smashes, but actually I have two takeaway mugs as well. Well, look, I have more than that, but I have two that have become like the go to mugs.

Mikaela: Yeah. You've got ones that have like a closable lid, right? For less spillage?

Chloe: Yes. The ones I have are pretty tight, because I just know that at some point I'm gonna forget it's there. I think one's thermal. So if I've got a long way to go or I want it to stay hot for a long time, then I use that one.

Mikaela: Yes. It's I do often drink cold tea and cold coffee.

Chloe: It is brilliant. I can't tell you though. How many times I've thought, oh, maybe it's cold enough now. Maybe I can drink it and then it's burnt [00:14:00] me. After a half hour train journey. So it, it might be too good, honestly. So I have the other one, which is the complete other end of the scale, but it's collapsible.

Mikaela: Ooh. Yes, they are. Cool. So that was great. How do you with using those and like washing them?

Chloe: Oh, pretty good. Actually, I generally take it with me camping, cuz I don't really get takeaway drinks and I'll just rinse it out with a bit of water after using it. So I'll have a tea. Rinse out with water and it's fine. If it was coffee or something, a bit more Milky, maybe there would be an issue.

Mikaela: Mm-hmm I don't have milk in my coffee, so I guess it's just water. Yeah. also not much of a coffee snob. People are gonna judge me. I'm like instant coffee the way.

Chloe: Don't you worry? I'm like the opposite of a Chai snob where I want the cheapest powdered Chai and that's, that's my taste buds. I'm really sorry that I'm not a better person to everyone, but that's, that's where I am.

Mikaela: Disgraceful [00:15:00] disgraceful.

Chloe: I know. Okay. So what's your hard swap?

Mikaela: Um, my hard one, I think. Uh, look, I've tried loose leaf tea, and I know I'm not as big of a tea drinker as you. But I think I just. I'm lazy in that sense, like, I have quite a lot of loose leaf teas and like, you know, the cute little pots that you make, but like, when you just want a single cup, I've tried those, um, what are they called? Like tea balls or like the dunk thingies, you know, technical term strainers, I guess strainer. Yeah. Um, but the only tea I've ever gotten is from T2. And I feel like it's a lot easier now in the supermarket, there are some loose leaf alternatives, but often if you're just at the shops and you're like, oh, we need tea. Like I'll just grab a box and it's bags. and I feel like I'm not gonna lie to myself. Like I've probably known about the plastic in tea bags for. A little too long to still be using them. But I think it's just a habit thing. So I found that really hard to try and shake it.

Chloe: Yeah, I know exactly how you [00:16:00] feel. I have stopped using teabags with plastic in them. But it really grinds my gears because that means you have to pay a lot more for the tea bags. However, saying that, if you pay attention to the sales: T2. T2, doesn't use plastic in their tea bags.

Mikaela: Oh, there you go.

Chloe: Yeah. So I really stocked up at the beginning of the year. Yeah. They had a massive sale in January, so hell yes.

Mikaela: Okay. So just look out for the sales.

Chloe: Yeah. Cuz I'm, I'm on the same boat as you like. For ages. I was a very good girl. I used only loose leaf. Love tea is brilliant. And of course, T2 does heaps. You can go to like certain zero waste stores and bulk stores and you can get loose leaf there.

Mikaela: Oh yeah. Yeah. I see. I don't have any of those. like, we've just got the traditional woolworths and ALDI girl.

Chloe: Yeah. True.

Mikaela: But I mean, online the world of online. Yeah, I can bulk buy gum. I'm sure I can buy some loose tea.

Chloe: Yes, absolutely. And loose leaf will be 100% cheaper than getting plastic free bags, but yeah, if you wanna be lazy, like I'm [00:17:00] currently being: T2 sales.

Mikaela: T2 sales. Okay. Mental note, actually, I'm gonna write that down.

Chloe: Mm-hmm mm-hmm that's one email list. You wanna be on guys? All right.

Mikaela: Hit me with your next one. Have you got a good one or a hard one?

Chloe: I actually wanna rewind slightly because on my list of hard, I've put finding the right cup.

Mikaela: Ooh. Yes.

Chloe: You know, I said before, like I've actually got heaps of cups. I have too many cups and it's very easy to get sucked in. I went through too many and like so many that are better for coffees, better for people that get the train every day, get takeaway coffees at work. And that wasn't actually my reason for getting one. So like a keep cup, just didn't work for me. But I thought, oh, I need a keep cup. Everyone's got a keep cup. If I'm gonna be sustainable and save the world and be a sustainable influencer I need a keep cup.

Mikaela: Yeah.

Chloe: Uh, so that keep up is very unloved. I'm really sorry to my keep cup. And I went through, I think, two other [00:18:00] cups and like another one was just given to me, but eventually I came across like what works for me and that's brilliant. But of course, then there's quite a few cups that I've kind of wasted along the way.

Mikaela: Well, I mean, you could clean them thoroughly and donate them to the op shop. Someone could buy them. Like I bought my coffee cup from the op shop.

Chloe: Oh, that's true. Yeah. I wasn't sure if something like that could be donated.

Mikaela: I know. I kind of thought, I mean, they sell like pots and pans and cups and mugs and stuff. And I bought cups from the shop before, and then the, um, coffee cup I bought as well, like all dismantles.

So I was like, great, I can clean this appropriately. Yeah. But it is, it's totally true. Like, I feel like you can get sucked down the rabbit hole of all the different options. I know Jake, at a vegan fair as well, jake bought a mug and I think I convinced him to buy it. Um, and it was yeah, from one of those vegan fair market things. And it was, I believe a bamboo one with a twisty lid with the [00:19:00] top, you press down to open and close.

Chloe: So it seals.

Mikaela: Yes. I think I had that, very similar to like what you had. But I just cannot. I just do not like it. Yeah. I know. And I feel like someone made something in there and has like a residual smell.

Chloe: Smell. Yeah. I stay away from plastic cups now for that reason. Yeah.

Mikaela: And I'm real weird with smells. Like if I go to someone's house, like no judgment, I would never say anything to them. but like, if I go to someone's house and like pick a cup up and like have some water and then as you lift it up to your nose. sometimes is like the smell of a different drink. Yeah, yeah. Something else. And I'm just like, mm I'm not thirsty anymore.

Chloe: Yeah. If that was the case, like if I drank coffee, And I had a cup that just had that coffee smell. I could only use it for coffee then. Yeah. It's such a weird thing. You don't wanna drink orange juice and get like a, a wiff of coffee?

Mikaela: Yeah. Okay, good. I'm glad I'm not alone. I thought I was like a little bit crazy and I mentioned it to Jake sometimes. And he's like this cup doesn't [00:20:00] smell. It's fine. And I'm like, you're crazy. Like it definitely smells.

Chloe: You Don't get it Jake.

Mikaela: I know I can go talk to him and be like, Chloe says cup smell too sometimes.

Chloe: That's right. Two against one now.

Mikaela: Exactly.

Chloe: I'm gonna whip into one of my easy ones. And that is conditioner bars. So shampoo bars are actually in my hard category. We can return to that, but conditioner bars. I just, I got like a sample pack from Ethique. I'm sure you know about them.

Mikaela: Yeah, I think got the same sample pack from a runway show.

Chloe: Oh my gosh. Yes we did.

Mikaela: Mm-hmm and that's where my journey started to, but I'll let you continue.

Chloe: Yeah. Well, I think two conditioner bars in that pack and they were both just brilliant. They vibed with my hair straight away and I actually really loved the sample size, the little, the little hearts I would actually just buy more of the sample size conditioner bars if they make that a thing. And they're just brilliant. Like it took me a long time to find the right plastic [00:21:00] free shampoo. For all of my hair, but straight away, those Ethique, conditioners, just amazing.

And I think for a long time, I'd also stopped using conditioner and to then go back to and being like, oh, holy cow, it actually does something. Yes. My hair was soft and silky. And yeah, it's just, it's brilliant. I love conditioner bars so much. I would try other brands, but they're still going.

Mikaela: No, that's fine. I feel like they last a long time too. Yeah. I had that same sample pack as you. And then I went through, I think a shampoo bar and a conditioner bar, and then I just restocked a new one and I feel like the cube is just like constantly the same size.

Chloe: Yeah. It takes ages.

Mikaela: Doesn't change .Takes ages to go down. Absolutely. No, I agree with you. I think I haven't had a trouble with, um, shampoo and conditioner. I feel like I just have been really lucky. But I know some people are very particular with hair products. Yeah. So what was your issue with shampoo?[00:22:00]

Chloe: Yeah. Well, I guess I'll go straight to the hard category. My hair is really thick right now. It's like ridiculously long. I have horse girl energy over here. And it's also extremely thick. So the summer is not my time, although I love it. Yeah. It's just like a big clump of sweat on my forehead. But I struggle with dandruff, all the time.

And so throughout my life, like in the UK, I used Boots, which like Boots is just like the chemist throughout all of the UK. And like Boots had their own brand of coconut shampoo that worked for me for ages. Then one day they changed the formula and it didn't quite vibe anymore. So then I went to using like a specific Tresseme one for years, they changed something about it.

Mikaela: Oh, why?

Chloe: Yeah. I know. I was finally getting happy and my friend also then bought me like an expensive one. There was actually an Aussie brand. I forgot what it's called right now. 'O Way' I want to say which was in glass as well. So it's glass with a little pump. Plastic action.

Mikaela: Oh, fancy. Yeah. Brilliant.

Chloe: It was fancy. It was pretty [00:23:00] expensive. That was great for a bit, but a bit too pricey for me, to be honest.

Mikaela: Not, not sustainable money wise.

Chloe: Yes. Yeah. Not sustainable for my bank at the time. Yes and actually then I went into Lush, so like lush had one called Jason and the Argan oil, I loved that shampoo bar.

I thought brilliant. First shampoo bar I ever tried. It works for me. Excellent. However, those shampoo bars and some other shampoo bars. So be careful, they have a lot of SLS in them, which is sodium Laurel sulfate. And that is what makes it bubble, froth and like lather really easily. And not every shampoo bar has it, of course.

But if it is in a shampoo bar and the same thing is in liquid shampoos that make it all frothy. But in a bar they make it really, really. Strong, like the dose is kind of higher because it's gotta go further in the bar. It was a really concentrated amount of SLS. And so while it worked for me and it was really strong, I knew that it was [00:24:00] kind of shedding my hair too much of...

Mikaela: it's like stripping

Chloe: it. Yeah. Yeah, totally stripped it too much. So I stepped away from that and it took me ages, honestly, to find something that then really worked with my hair. Mm-hmm but I do have a few that I'll just like whizz through: the first one that really really worked for me were actually these beauty cubes.

Mikaela: Oh, I remember you using those. That's so good.

Chloe: I still, I still love them. They're actually like really good value for money as well. Yeah. You get like 24 of these little cubes in a box. And so it's all plastic free. And you just use a cube, rinse it, underwater it crumbles up and lathers and like forms a liquid in your hands.

So it. It goes from solid to liquid, like pretty damn easily. And then you just rub it through your hair. It lathers up. So cool. It's brilliant. There are some other ones that I liked as well. Ethique [00:25:00] Came out with their bars that you then mix with hot water to turn into liquid shampoo.

Mikaela: Oh yeah. I haven't tried those.

Chloe: That was brilliant. That works for me straight away. Then most recently, uh, my friend Tina, she runs big blue Cosmetica. I tried her green and gold shampoo bar and it's brilliant lathers up super super well. Um, it kind of gets this sort of layer of lather around it and it it's just excellent. Like I can't rave about it enough and it's like really, really good stuff in it. Really good value for money. And so I go through phases of like, which one's my favorite and right now Big Blue Cosmetica is winning

Mikaela: That's awesome. I feel like sometimes it's. Good to, you know, mix it up and try a few different things.

Chloe: Yeah. I mean, what if your hair gets too used or something? Cause I still get a bit of dandruff, but I actually use a concoction of argon oil and tea tree oil to mix through my scalp before having a shampoo.

Mikaela: Yeah. Right.

Chloe: Like let it soak in there for a bit. Cause I think both of those are meant to be pretty good and like kind for your scalp and for dandruff.

Mikaela: The more, you know

Chloe: well, that's my little [00:26:00] hair rant. Goodness, me. it took me ages honestly, to find what worked, but it's been a good few years of happy hair now.

Hey, that's good. Happy hair. Happy hair.

Can I hit you with another one of my easy ones.

Mikaela: Go for it.

Chloe: This is along the same vein as the safety razor, because I was stupidly scared. And look, you know where I'm going with this. If we're gonna have our whole episode about it.

Mikaela: Yes!

Chloe: Period products!

Mikaela: Absolutely. I love them.

Chloe: Uh, I've gotta say right now I'm in a lazy mood and I pretty much just use period underwear.

Mikaela: Oh my God feels right. Yeah. Sometimes I'm just like, can't be bothered. Undies it is.

Chloe: Yeah. But my gateway, I think was still. Um, the menstrual cups. Well, gateway. Like the thing that changed the game for me. Total game changer was like, what do you mean? I never have to buy tampons again. Absolutely. What do you mean? I don't have to get a weird chaffing feeling.

whenever a certain [00:27:00] application comes on.

Mikaela: No, absolutely.

I agree with you game changer. I actually had this conversation with one of the guys at work. I can't remember how it came up and he said something and I was like, are you curious? Cause I have a lot of information. It might be TMI, but, and then I just like blurted out all of this period related information for products like that. I was like talking about menstrual cups and period underwear, and then he was kind of. He sort of went a bit quiet and I was like, okay, oh, is that too much? I was like, sorry. I'm like, I'll stop.

Haha '

Chloe: well my personal flow'

Mikaela: well, I actually think I said something about that. I was like, oh, some days, you know.

Chloe: Yeah,

Mikaela: probably probably was that comment then he was just like, I felt enough uhoh but definitely I feel like it's changed my entire perspective on, on my period because I feel like I used to dread it and now I'm like, Easy, whatever, like, yeah.

Chloe: And it is so easy, especially with the reusable pads and [00:28:00] reusable pants. You can just keep them in a little like sanitary bag in your bag.

Mikaela: If you got a surprise, you can just pump on your, your undies and they're comfy. Like, I feel like, I feel like some people are kind of like, oh, you know, it feels is gonna feel like a nappy, but it's like if you've worn pads, the underwear is gonna be. 100 times better.

Chloe: I love them.

Mikaela: I hate pads. Like I think back now into my high school being like, oh my gosh. Yeah. I wish I had this stuff available. Would've been so much better.

Chloe: Yes. So yeah. Period products. I won't get too deep into it, knowing that we will properly cover them forever, but absolutely listeners take our word for it.

Uh, hit up either of us, if you want some recommendations. In the meantime, mm-hmm we love talking about periods. We're not weird. I swear.

Mikaela: look, I feel like the taboo or whatever is sort of gone now. I, I think back to high school and I think back to I had this little [00:29:00] like pouch that I'd hide stuff in.

And my pads, like I used to slip up my sleeve and go to the bathroom and be like, oh, I'm not doing anything. Like nobody knows I'm on my period. But now I feel like if I was in high school now I'd be like, girl, have you tried this cup? It's so good. I got my undies on today. Like, I feel like I'd be a completely different person. Yes, no fear now. Just wanna help everyone else feel as good as they can in that time. Cuz honestly. Be comfortable.

Chloe: Yes. Shout out to Modi bodi. If only they existed when I was growing up as they've got like the Modi bodi red line, which is their teen period underwear. I would really love them to just make those designs adult as well, because they're so funky.

Mikaela: Absolutely. They're so cool. We want, we want funky prints and stuff. Not just black and beige.

Chloe: Please give me more prints. Uhhuh. Give me unicorns. Rainbows.

Mikaela: Absolutely.

Chloe: Okay. Do you have any more swaps for me?

Mikaela: I don't know if it's really a swap, [00:30:00] but. This is probably, this is a conversation for another time, but like just being aware of your, um, waste, like in terms of plastic free. I feel like you can't necessarily go completely plastic free, but now that I sort my stuff, my waste into general waste, like compost and soft plastics. And recyclings, I feel like I have much. So something to keep in mind.

Chloe: Yeah. If you sort through it like that, you must be so much more conscious of what each thing is.

Mikaela: Absolutely but yeah, we can say that for another one. Cause I think there's plenty of information on that.

Chloe: Yes. Probably coming up on a time. Well, I've got a couple of bonus swaps for when you're out and about. And one of them, I came up with this one the other day, cuz we go to Grill'd every single Monday for their like two for one vegan burger thing.

And every so often, cuz Tarik is a student. He gets like a free student drink and it reminded me like every time we get drinks out and Grill'd [00:31:00] is like such a weird one or I guess places like that, where it's like, they give you takeaway stuff, but you could eat it inside.

Mikaela: Yes. So annoying

Chloe: like grill'd has the paper cups for chips, hot chips, as you say.

Mikaela: So annoying just put it on a plate!

Chloe: Yeah. And so every time now we have to request, like, if it's a new server, they get really confused. Like, oh, I don't know if we can do that. And we have to tell them like, well, you've got salad bowls and you can put the chips in that. And they're like, oh, okay. Yeah. Yeah. And so people are learning and I actually want to covertly go in and make my own little poster saying, Hey customers, did you know? You can ask for chips on the plate.

Mikaela: Oh yes. I feel like you could totally do that. You could make something that looks legit.

Chloe: I look, I could. I mean, should, but I won't do it.

Mikaela: Write that from the record. Mm-hmm Chloe's not at all going to do that.

Chloe: I would never. I would [00:32:00] never do that. Never, ever.

Mikaela: Mm-hmm uh, I like the idea though.

Chloe: Yeah. Great. Someone should do that. Yeah. Someone should do that. Uh, but the other thing, like, so in Grill'd we ask for the bowls, but if we ever go somewhere and you can just get a drink, you know, from the fridge. We will always, always, always opt for the drinks that are not in plastic. So the aluminum can, glass can, glass bottles.

Mikaela: Mm-hmm yeah,

Chloe: if it's plastic, we don't, we don't get it basically. And that's just a way to, a way to make sure there's a bit less waste, cuz yes. Aluminum and glass, they go into recycling as well, but within the streams, they are far easier to be recycled than plastic.

Mikaela: Mm, yeah

Chloe: Aluminum I think is like the most easy to recycle out of all of them. So if you can, opt for that. Uh, so that's one of my swaps out and about, Ooh, I have one more, which is, especially in Coles, cuz they've got the pick n mix in my store, uh, using mushroom bags, the paper mushroom bags for pick and mix instead of the plastic pick and mix

Mikaela: [00:33:00] I do that for veggie sometimes. Yeah. When I get to the counter and they're like, what's in that bag, it's beans or spinach, you know?

Chloe: Yeah and if it is pick n mix, then you can still weigh it and put the little sticker on it. Yeah.

That's a great little tip, honestly.

And the staff don't care.

Mikaela: With the Coles pick and mix, can you bring your own contain?

Chloe: You could, but the weight would still be counted.

Mikaela: Okay. Gotcha. So you'd be paying extra to use your own container.

Chloe: And you still need to get the little printout sticker.

Mikaela: Yes.

Chloe: So if you've got something super lightweight, great. Or it might be worth getting little produce bags.

Yeah. Yeah. True. Yes. That's it.

And of course, with spinach as well, um, loose leaf spinach, then we get the mushroom bags and use that for them as well.

Mikaela: I find that they do well, like some produce does better in those bags than in plastic. I feel like it's sweats and you put it in the fridge and then you go to use it and you're like, what the hell? It's all squish. Do you know, um, it's kind of a [00:34:00] science experiment now. I don't really know if it is, I have some spring onion in the fridge, in a glass of water that's been in there. Like I changed the water out. But it's been in there, like probably like two months and it's growing new sprouts.

Chloe: Oh, okay.

Mikaela: I mean, I've tried different ones where I've like, I've put, you know, the roots in a jar and left it on the window sill with water and then it's sprouts and I've planted it. But I was like, we went away to Tasi last month and I left them in the fridge.

And then I came back and I was like, oh, and it was fine. These look good. Wow. So now I'm just like checking on them sporadically and they're like, they're going great. So I don't know if I'm gonna like poison myself.

Chloe: It should be fine.

Mikaela: Someone tell me, tell me if I'm doing something wrong, but yeah. It's currently going well

Chloe: yeah, spring onion. I mean, Before, yeah. Before 'coco' was 'be kind' Tarik was already doing that. Spring onion [00:35:00] was always just like out on the window sill in water. Yeah. And like, eventually it gets a bit green on the roots, but you just wash it.

Mikaela: Yeah. Okay, good. That's what I'm doing. Yeah. But yeah, it hasn't really gotten green on the roots. I've just changed the water over and I have a little, yeah, brilliant little garden in my fridge. Ah,

Chloe: We've got like a massive fridge now. Well, comparatively to what we had before

Mikaela: mm-hmm or mine,

Chloe: but, we just don't have like the level height to do that.

Yeah. I wish we did. Like, if we, maybe we can rearrange

Mikaela: remind you. Yeah, my fridge is tiny and like, they just fit.

Chloe: Yeah, we've [00:36:00] got spring onion on the window cell and we've got bok choy.

Mikaela: Yeah, I've tried that a couple times, but every time I've planted it, it's just not worked.

I'll try again.

Chloe: Yeah, try again. [00:37:00]

Mikaela: I can take photos of my fridge spring onions, maybe just a story, cuz we don't wanna ruin our grid.

Chloe: Nah, bang it on grid. [00:38:00] People might care. You never know.

Mikaela: Maybe. I mean, people can judge me too if that's entertainment. Sure.

Chloe: We can do a story and then we can ask people to share their plants and what their names are.

Mikaela: Yes. Mind you. I don't think I've named any of my plants.

Chloe: Oh, well, hurry up. We've got stories to do at least your chili plant.

Mikaela: Yeah. That one I've actually had for a long time. And it's been through some shit.

Chloe: Well, chili plant has earned a title.

Mikaela: I'm pretty sure it was my first Christmas with Jake. And his mum bought it for me. So that's probably like six years old.

Chloe: Wow, dude. Well done.

Mikaela: I know touch wood. Don't die on me now.

Chloe: Maybe it's a sign. Like if you've nurtured your relationship with Jake, then you're nurturing this plant as well. Yeah. If it's starts dying, you need to worry.

Mikaela: Yeah. Yeah. Oh, there you go. It's my oldest plant.

Chloe: Oh, it's another old, old name.

Mikaela: Hm. Greg. I don't know why it's the first name I [00:39:00] thought of.

Chloe: Well I think we've suitably. Blabbered haven't we.

Mikaela: Yes,

Chloe: I think we have definitely. Oh, you know, actually I've written a little thing here about stuff I haven't implemented to be like, look, Hey, not perfect.

Uh, cuz there are definitely things that I know I can do, but it is just that balance of time, honestly. Like there's an amount of my time that I really just wanna sit down, do nothing, watch Netflix. Listen to the wheel of time. Yeah, I need, I need that. And so there are things that I know I could do, so...

I still buy slice bread. Plastic bread bags.

Mikaela: Shit, me too.

Chloe: And I know that I could buy regular loaves from the shop next door, or I know that I could even make my own bread. I don't do either of those things I do, of course, red cycle, the plastic bags. So I don't, I don't punch myself or anything, but I still know that there is another [00:40:00] step.

Mikaela: Yeah. I think a lot of bread tags now is a cardboard. Most of the ones I've gotten are cardboard, but yes. I didn't even think about that as a fact. And I am also guilty yeah. Of bread buying.

Chloe: I bring that one up because I think a lot of people do it, but also there will be plenty of people that bake their own.

Mikaela: Oh for sure. magical superstars

Chloe: And then don't do some other things. So we all sort of balance out in different ways. Like, what do you have time for? What benefits your life the most? And on that same vein, I still buy Oat milk despite knowing that I can really easily make it at home. But I do not give myself the time to do it.

Mikaela: No, exactly. Right. It's a convenience thing you think, oh, I can buy this thing for, you know, $2 something or I can spend however much time milking my own oats. .

Chloe: I think if I have spare weekends, maybe I should just have it in my calendar. Like if you have time, Chloe, blend up your damn oats. Cause it doesn't even take that long.

Mikaela: Yeah. I've never done it.

Chloe: It's so easy. I've got a [00:41:00] nut milk bag, which is basically like a bag. That's a strainer and it's really, really fine. Yeah. But you can just use a fine sieve as well.

Mikaela: Yeah. My sieve would not work. Maybe I'm making excuses.

Chloe: maybe you are.

Mikaela: It's definitely a time thing though, for sure.

Chloe: Yeah. Time, lack of planning, lack of even self-belief that I can do it cause I'm like, definitely will fuck up making the bread. Why would I do it if it's gonna be terrible and I won't eat it

Mikaela: and a fear of not getting it right. But, I mean, like when you try something new, you are most likely not gonna get it right. The first time, or you're not gonna be perfect at it. Yeah. But I definitely have that fear. Yeah. Yeah. And it's like the veggie garden, like I'm like, I really know what I'm doing, but now I'm just like, screw it. I'm just gonna try and grow some seeds. And if they grow it cool. If not then, oh, I might do some more research.

Chloe: And if not that that's fine. I'll just crawl into the corner. That's fine.

Mikaela: No, just cry. That's. Water them with my tears.

Chloe: Oh my gosh. [00:42:00] And then they died. Cuz my tears were salty.

Mikaela: I dunno what I did wrong.

Chloe: Should we wrap up the episode? How you feeling?

Mikaela: I think so. Hopefully we've got a, a few things covered, but um, there's definitely some easy ones and some not so easy ones there, but any, anything I think is, is a good thing to try. Make a start.

Chloe: Yeah. Well, happy plastic free July Mikaela.

Mikaela: Happy plastic free July.

Chloe: Thank you guys for listening to today's show. We hope you enjoyed it.

And if you enjoyed it, then could you please leave us a review on apple podcast? Woohoo. Now that we know with there, you can listen to us everywhere it seems like. Spotify. So fun. You can follow the podcast on Instagram @greengirls.podcast. You can follow me on Instagram with, @bekindcoco

and you can follow Mikaela on Instagram with, [00:43:00] @MikaelaHofman or @RetroKittyVintage coming soon. Uh, if you'd like to email us to become a sponsor or actually for any reason, you can do this via And if you'd like to support us further, you can hopefully do this on Patreon soon. Search for us and we might be there. maybe who knows. We'll leave the mystery up to you. Yes, that is all folks look out for episodes every other Wednesday, because on Wednesdays we podcast, we hope you enjoyed listening to our ramblings today. And until next time, remember, it doesn't matter. If you take it slow, it matters that you take a step.



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