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Which reusable cup should you buy?

Which reusable cup should I buy?

This was a really big struggle for me and I wasted a lot of money on the wrong cups as a result. But now that I have found my favorite reusable cups and bottles I wanted to share my tips...

How will you be using the cup:

Taking it on the go? You'll want a sturdy lid that won't open or spill easily. Walking with it? Make sure it has protective layers so isn't too hot to hold.

How will you be storing the cup:

If you have a car or large bag then a full-size cup is fine, but collapsable cups are a great option to save on space.

What will you be using the cup for:

Consider multiple cups if you're a coffee fiend as that taste can linger! Or do you actually just want to take water on the go? A bottle is a much better choice than a cup.

How hot/cold does it need to keep your drink:

If you are a quick drinker then you won't need to worry so much, but if you like to drink slowly and keep that coffee scorching hot or icy cold, consider a cup with a thermal lining.

These were my thought processes and ultimately why I love both my WakeCup and my Hunu cup.

My WakeCup is perfect for long journeys where I want to keep my cuppa warm (and my hands toasty) while the Hunu pop-up design makes it perfect for hikes, camping and a just-in-case cup to keep with me every day. Both have really secure lids that are easy to use/seal with confidence which is a must for me and they are both really light :)

So, there you have it, probably everything you need to know before investing in a re-usable cup, I hope this helped and I would love to know if you have found your perfect cup-panion ;)

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