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22 Zero waste swaps for your bathroom

Do you dream of living the perfect low waste lifestyle? Do you long for pristine zero waste swaps to replace all the plastic in your life. Well my friends, this is the list for you. While I do not own all these things myself, I have been lusting over them for quite some time...Yup, even the toilet cleaner. So in-case you have the same eco desires, I wanted to make them easy to grasp as possible and put all the product information you need all in one place.

Let me be the first to say that you definitely don't need all these products, and if you are going to invest in them, use up your old ones first. I know the allure of an insta-worthy bathroom is hard to resist, but in the interest of low-waste, this is the best way we can honour our goal.

(period stuff right at the

Toothbrush You can find toothbrushes made sustainably with bamboo with both medium and soft bristles. While the bristles are still plastic the rest of the toothbrush can be home composted at the end of life. I preferred the medium bristles, FYI. If you want to go 100% plastic free, Go Naked has created a range with biodegradable, plant based bristles. These will need to be replaced within 2-4 weeks BUT they are completely compostable. Toothpaste If you are after a paste, it is possible to make your own! Or, save yourself some hassle and try, but there are alternatives! Dirty Hippie makes a vegan friendly Tooth Powder that is packaged in glass a jar and aluminium lid. I am also intrigued by toothpaste tablets that you crush in your mouth and then brush as normal. You can buy them here and choose tablets with or without fluoride.

Dental floss Since dental floss is usually made from plastic, try this dental lace instead. The packaging is recyclable, the lace is compostable and the container is glass. Refills are available online as well.

Toilet paper I have been a loyal customer of Who Gives A Crap for years now and purchased 48 rolls of their recycled toilet paper AND luxurious bamboo toilet paper. This means they use 0 trees to make any of their products, plus they donate 50% of their profits to help build toilets. Each roll of paper is individually wrapped in paper with a design funky enough to make you want to display your paper with pride, and you can even repurpose it as gift wrapping! Toilet brush While it is rare to give compliments to a toilet brush... this is one of those times. The Redecker toilet brush and stand set is made from oiled beechwood and the whole brush and bristles are completely biodegradable. You can also get the brush separately here. Toilet cleaner The Urthly Organics toilet bomb is basically a bath bomb for your loo. Drop it in and it'll both clean and freshen your toilet using sodium bicarbonate, citric acid and essential oils of Eucalyptus, Thyme & Orange. This one is definitely on my list to try and you can buy them individually or in packs of 12. Alternatively, check your local bulk store like The Source as they also stock washing liquids and you can bring your own bottle to refill.

Soap I think it's pretty easy to find plastic free soap, but lavender one from the Australian Natural Soap Company is one of my favourites. For transport I recommend getting some sort of container like the aluminium tins from Lush.

Soap dish I HAD to mention these because they are too beautiful to ignore. These wooden soap holders by Little Bit Daily are made from salvaged floor boards and come in large or small. Facial cleanser Recently I have been trying out the 7-3 solid cleansing wipe from LUSH. It works pretty nicely but I do prefer to use it with a 'cotton' round (like cotton fabric, sewn together, not the disposable ones). It smells nice and does a great job! Alternatively, if you prefer a little bit of packaging, Fuller's Earth has a new face cleanser that comes in a sexy glass jar that I can't wait to try! It contains Australian clay, coconut soap, old pressed olive oil and lavender oil...sounds like a dream come true!

Shampoo Currently I use Jason and the Argan Oil, a shampoo bar from LUSH and love it. It has been my favourite for the past year or so and is only just running out. I have also heard great things about Ethique, who make amazing bars for EVERY occasion so I recommend checking them out. I received a sample pack of 5 mini shampoo bars from Ethique, so look out for a review on my instagram and blog soon! Flora and Fauna has an amazing range of shampoo bars, including for dogs or head-lice treatments so have a gander and see what you like. Conditioner I am a pretty low maintenance girl and found that with my shampoo bar, my hair is in fantastic condition, without the need for a conditioner...So I don't think I have used one in about a year. So I will direct your attention once again to Ethique as I have heard nothing but good things! Or, try the COCO method and see how you go without conditioner for a bit? Beard soap Dindi's beard soap bar can be purchased with or without a tin and is 100% palm oil free. Not that I have a beard in-which to shampoo, but I always love products that let you buy refills at a cheaper price!

Razors I am still using up my disposable razor heads (like the responsible eco-person I am) but that doesn't mean I haven't been eyeing up a shiny new safety razor for when my disposables run out in a few cartridges time. There are two main types I have seen and both require you to purchase separate blades and insert them yourself, which is a lot less dangerous than it sounds. Biome has an amazing selection of safety razors to choose between, all around the same price so I would suggest going for the handle that you think will feel the best (since the actual razor blades are all the same). Or, Leaf Shave makes the sexiest razor I have seen in a LONG TIME that also looks a lot more like conventional savers. They are harder to cut yourself with, but may not deliver the same close shave as a safety razor (this is what I have gathered from a couple of reviews). I am still clueless as to which to get...but currently Leaf might be winning. Nail brush Perhaps this isn't a must-have for you and that's fine. Perhaps you already have a plastic one and to you folks I say keep it for as long as possible! But to the rest I say get yourself a biodegradable nail scrubbing brush like this one from Eco Max. Scrubs While I choose to be delicate with my skin, I do enjoy some scrubs! I use a beautiful facial scrub that isn't plastic free so I will not tag it here. I also tried some naked facial scrubs and cleansers from LUSH but they kinda melted everywhere so I don't recommend that for warm weather... Or suitcases in my case. I cannot wait to try this scrub from Big Blue Cosmetica who uses fully recyclable packaging and also gives you a discount on your next purchase if you return it. For my feet I adore the pumice power foot soap from LUSH because it feels amazing and smells DIVINE.

Cotton pads Cotton pads My reusable cotton pads are now a key part of my make up routine, or rather removal routine. They were hand made by Here and There Makers and are honestly the best price I have ever seen and incredibly well made. They also save scraps of fabric going to waste, and help train others how to sew. You can buy them individually for as little as 50c, or splurge on a glass jar containing 20 for $12 (SO WORTH IT). Cotton buds The best I have found with 100% recyclable packaging and compostable cotton buds are these bamboo cotton buds from Green + Kind. I have tried and loved another brand BUT they have a small plastic window in their packaging so I thought it would be best to feature these guys instead. Cotton buds were one of the first things I decided to tackle on my plastic free journey and I am so pleased I did!

The Period Bit

Tampons and pads This is something that affects most of us ladies and I wont go into too much detail because I already have on a couple of other blog posts. Review for cups here, and pads and underwear here. But for now let's keep it simple and share my recommendations.

Conventional If you do decide to keep things mainstream I highly recommend Tsuno. Tsuno makes natural bamboo pads and organic cotton tampons. The packaging is all card and easy to recycle, while the wrappers are a bit harder to manage. Unfortunately due to regulations on hygiene, tampons are required to be packaged in plastic, however the Tsuno pads have clever wrappers that are commercially compostable. Plus Tsuno gives 50% of their profits to charity, helping to fund an education for girls.

Period underwear I absolutely love my Modibodi underwear. Never lets me down and they even have a range of absorbent swimwear and gym leggings! Not to mention bras and tops with built in nursing pads. Basically, if you need something to be smartly and safely soaked up, Modibodi has your back.

Period pads While I find these a little trickier than period underwear, they are super easy to throw on. I use Hannahpads and love their cute designs. They do also sell a special soap to assist with washing the pads but this comes in plastic (but the choice is of course, yours)

Menstrual cups I have two and honestly have a hard time choosing a favourite, so I will just tell you about both. My first cup was the Juju cup, and I do recommend it for first timers because it is smaller and softer than my second cup the Lunette. However the Lunette was my preference for a long time despite being slightly harder to insert. If you read my blog on the subject you will learn a lot more about what cup may suit you, so I suggest starting there!

So there you have it... everything I could possibly think to include in a bathroom. Have I missed anything out? Whats in your low waste bathroom?

Kindly, Coco

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